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Heart - A Healthy Wizard

This inquisitive fellow here serves an inclination towards reading, writing, exploring things and much more....


When the life hassles

Amidst crosses and nodi

Just run away adroitly...

Take a moment

& sit for a while

As there won't be any good

Fidgeting around...

Quiz your heart

& let your mind repose

As some queries are

Acknowledged better by the heart

Riposted with a finer tart...

Believe me it works

Mr. Heart can prophesize

& can forestall the muddles

He has skilled himself in sorcery

Thus can be found lying in a "cage"...

Lying there amidst life-giving organs

He has learnt peculiar tables

Uttering them, he can bewitch the troubles

These are mostly the illogical ones

But can turn the affairs topsy-turvy...

So use Mr. Heart's obscured powers

& clear up the mess

Listen to his fables

& revive yourself

Review your ways

& tread on again

This is because

Journey doesn't stop with our steps

And let me tell you my dear

You too have this " Healthy Wizard "

Note, the word goes "healthy wizard"

To tackle your strains....

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