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Hear My Tears

Olaoluwa is a pharmacy student of Federal university Oye ekiti, Nigeria. He is Strutting along life's road, striving,thriving and surviving


Who shall?

When the sun rises

Stay enclosed in his house

Away from glazing eyes

Who shall?

In the hands of people

Lay down his mantle

To be judged as they feel

Who shall?

As the sun sets

Leaps from his bed

From the comfort it once held

Who shall?

Full of emptiness

Secludes in a room of darkness

And be blinded by light

I’ll stay hidden till dawn’s gone

Till the storm stops

When the one I look up to comes

I’ll stay in the dark

Until light’s around

And when peace abound

Call me coward

Tag me a weakling

For bewraying my fears

And I will write on sand

How I was forced to the shadow

In my cachette

I will write poems and songs

Of sorrows and shame

Of betrayal by the world

I will cry in pains

Curled at the back of the door

Ink and tears to my page

I’ll stay hidden till dawn’s gone

Till the storm is over

I’ll write till the world hears my tears

© 2021 Perfect gentleman

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