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Here, My Confession

I want to be confessional in every way
I won’t mislay anything that is true
It will be gathered at your feet
Until it’s honest fervor covers you

Let’s sit on a bench and stare hard all about
I’ll describe what we see as if I really knew
Not their direction, but their manner to wit
Then we will discuss as if it were really true

My skin may be sensitive, how can it not be?
It cuts deep, changes color and freezes all over me
You want to crawl inside and get really close to me?
Hurt me first, then you’ll know if a monster I might be

Give me a slender form, I’ll try not to break it
My eyes can do it without help, let them roam
We can be friends, if my thoughts don’t hurt
It’s clear I’m too fast, water rolling over a stone

But I digress, the planet has spun itself out
There are so many ways we can get back on
Don’t let the speed push the truth further away
It rides alongside, would you rather it be gone?

My heart may be broken, but not by anyone
Only the multitudes of laceration all over me
You see them, connecting the moles on my skin
I pray to you, forget them, it’s not how I want to be

Did I release you from the song, still it plays on
It will never end, why would it, you’re the reason why
You can’t avoid it, someone will get to the bottom of you
Then you will know their confession, mine is why you cry

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