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Hear Me, Hear Me

I am Mars from Manila. I worked as an accountant in the morning and write my heart out at night. I love dogs and outdoors so much!


Drowning, searching, unloving

Your words have pained my overall being.

I am lost in the wanders of my chaos

I am undoubtedly feeling mischievous.

Where are you? Where did you go?

I look ahead, beside and all the way around.

Yet, the path has been darkened

I am all alone, there is no one beside.

Look what have you done to my soul

The wounds and scratches are all so painful.

I am crying and searching all the way down

Down to the bottom of the unknown.


Where are you? Where did you go?

Where are the promises, we took part for tomorrow?

I feel so empty, I feel so low

I feel so heavy and almost letting myself go.

I keep on searching into this unending valley

I keep on screaming and wishing you could see

My pain, my sorrows and my reality

I have loved you but you have ruined me.


There are so much ifs and whys.

If you have opened your eyes clearly

If you only have heard me

Maybe just maybe, we will still be okay.

© 2022 Marian Lazadas

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