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He Never Loved Me

I love poems and creative work especially fictional based content.


That day I gave my all,

That day I held you close,

I let you win, I let you in,

I made you my own,

And for a moment, we were one,

I heard you curse,

From the pleasure,

I felt you shiver as if it's more you wanted.

Like a baby I slept,

All through the night,

Interlocked my arms into yours,

And smiled for you didn't let go,

But you deceive me my love,

I can see it in your eyes,

Subconsciously you speak,

Telling that you'd never chose me.

Time has taught me to let go of you,

For I no longer weaken my love,

The power you had is gone,

Or maybe it's the power I gave,

Although thoughts of you,

Still leave me smitten,

I still hold my own oh love

© 2022 Matilda Mumbua

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