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He lives in his own world

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


There are some people in this world who due to neglect and other adverse circumstances go in a state of recluse and madness. Once it happens there is no come back and though they are physically present in this world but they appear to dwell somewhere else. This poem is an effort to depict such extreme situations in one's life.

He lives in his own world

Ignorant of his surroundings,
Never uttering a word.
Pleasure or pain no matter to him,
He lives in his own world.

Cold or warm, do not affect him,
Bed or floor, he does not mind.
More or less do not intrigue him,
He is of a very special kind.

He cries to himself, weeps to himself,
He laughs to himself, talks to himself.
You ask the reason of his cries,
He stares at you with dried eyes.

Love and romance don't bother him,
He appears to be a wounded bird.
No friends, no foes, he knows none,
He lives in his own world.

Long back he was not like that,
As he always yearned to talk to you.
But you did not have any time then,
Even to spare moments a few.

He wanted to lean on your shoulder,
But you were not seen anywhere.
Your time, money, love and emotion,
Surely, were not available there.

Alas! he does not recognise you,
As you are a stranger now.
Your time, money, love and emotion,
Do not matter for him now.

Now he talks only to himself,
Would not response to any word.
No love, no remorse in his life,
He lives in his own world.


© 2020 Umesh Chandra Bhatt