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He is More Than a Lover

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


She wants to transfer all

Her life savings and

Other investments to him

People felt something is

Wrong somehow, for how

Could she do such a thing

When she is not insane,

For even the person

Whom one is married with

One should not do that

No, not in this present

Age when people are not sincere

Lovers stabbing the partner

In the back, friends

Dealing surreptitiously with another

She needs to be educated

She must be educated

Her investors reasoned among themselves

They thus meet and

Agreed that someone needs

To be sent to her to educate her

Life is not a straightforward

Thing, they said, it is

Like a rope swinging up and down

She should be told

That she needs to

Think about ‘morrow and

She should reconsider her

Stance. Thus, they resolved

To send her to educate her the more

The person they sent got

To her and tried to

Tell her not to toe the path

She intends toeing for

Her consultants after serious

Deliberations and on seeing some

People who have toed

That path before, could

Authoritatively tell her that

It is a dangerous path

For her to trek which

Unarguably would land in the desired haven

For experience they ‘ve had

In the past has

Revealed that all who does that

Eventually came forth regretting

Their actions, putting their

Index fingers into their eyes

That tears may come forth

Of it, but there would

Be no iota of tear,

They would not be able

To weep neither cry again

For it would be too late


Such would look like

Crying when the head

Is already severed off the body

She appreciated their concern

And believed that is what

Good partners should do

But telling the person

That she has something to

Tell him, hoping that

The person would decide

Without bias what she

Would do assuming he is in her shoes

I have thought this

Repeatedly and have resolved

That it’s the right thing to do

The honorable thing to do.

For the person I want to

Transfer all to is more than a lover

To me. For it is

Because of him that

I am yet alive today

I was sick nigh death

And alone in my apartment

With no one to run to neither call

At that hour of day

Lifeless was I lying on

The floor in pains, severe one

This neighbor because it

Has been a while he

Sees me last knocked at my door

On seeing me in

That deplorable estate, motionless,

On the ground in agony

He rushed me to

Nearby hospital, abandoning every

Plan of his for that day

At the nearest hospital

He was told to take

Me to the tertiary hospital

For my condition could

Nay be treated at that

Secondary hospital. Right away he took me there

In oblivion of what

He was putting himself to

For he was asked many things

About me, which he couldn’t

Answer. Was told many things

Embarrassed why he could sit idly by

Watching me until my

Condition worsens to that

Degree before acting. The medicals

Obviously thinking we were

Living together, perhaps couples

As if those embarrassments were not enough

He was told my condition

And if I would stay

Alive he has to look for a donor


For I have renal

Failure with limited hours to

Spend on earth if action is immediately not taken

While on life saving

Device he ran around

But no one was ready

To spare one of

His or her kidneys

For me to be alive

He became wearied of

Running around, returned to

The medicals and ask to be tested

He was tested and

Reports confirmed that he

Could donate one of his to me

If he be willing to do

That. He never knew

I had a dime neither my worth

For he was doing

It as humanitarian services

That he says

But I see it more

Than that, for assuming

I had died at spot

Someone else would have

Inherited all my possessions

With you after a while

Without saying thank you

To me, for how could

The one appreciates me, unknown one

Would he do that

In my grave? Another as

You opined is that

Assuming a lover, having

Known my worth, he may

Deliberately leave me to die

To possess those things

After a while that I

Have been gone to the world beyond

As a means of saying

Thank you to the

Man who saved me

I am doing this. Or

Assuming you are the

One what would you have done?

He wasn’t speaking I

Want him to do on

A larger scale that humanitarian services

For other people all

Over the world. The

Person who could do this deserves assistance

He is more than a

Lover to me. He is

My everything, my all in all

The reason for my existence

Now is he. This I want

To do. This I shall do

Please complete the transaction

Quickly for the onward

Transfer of all to him.


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