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He and I are A Team

Rdsparrowriter is a Sri Lankan Poetess written story books in poetry form. She's passionate and writes from heart covering subjects.



I didn't know my life would change drastically
For the last two months I would be open and self conscious
I didn't expect there would be more to me
My story is no longer 'I' but 'We' do this.

No matter what, I belong to Him and He alone
For the moment He doesn't like sharing me with another he
So He had let me have our time alone
All these years we are a team only He and me.


Now to show how much I mean to Him, He had assigned Guardian Angels
They let me know in a top secret language
I didn't know I was this important to my very own Angels
They dedicated their precious time to show their care in a hidden language.

I feel extra blessed, blessed beyond curse!
I feel grateful and more appreciative than I have ever been
Spending time with Him and others now so precious
I feel cherished and valued that now I'm so happy knowing.


I'm happy knowing that I'm not forgotten by Him
He has not even forgotten my childhood praying,
My prayers came true in an unexpected way in Him
My purpose of being His, sealed and there's no ending.

My thoughts

So above poem is more like showing my gratitude to my Guardian angels :) Thank you for letting me know that I'm not alone :)

When I prayed and asked God as to why, His answer surprised me. I am His and this new life style seal the deal. I honestly don't know how, but I'm happy with the answer :)

Then He reminded me all the times He had saved me literally.

  1. Within one and half months I fell thrice from the top to the bottom of the staircase, that I did not get any injury. Although I did get a good blasting from my mom.
  2. When I was twenty I was kind of swimming, slipped my footing and almost drowned in the deep end because I panicked. I honestly felt a hand on me pushing me to safety. My little sister was there, and when I asked if someone was in the pool with me, she said No. So it was. Papa God saving me :)
  3. Last year, a bulb would have fallen right onto my head if I didn't change my seat for awhile.
  4. At my cousin's homecoming couple of my hair strands had caught on fire while I was taking pictures, a young lady, she moved my hair and me out of the way of little lamps that were lit. I learned that even if I can't see what's happening at the back, Papa God has my back. He is works behind the scenes.
  5. I was at a birthday party again while taking pictures, I sat on a tinted glass tea table, I went in breaking the glass, no harm on my butt. Thankfully my bestie pulled me out before I went in. Papa God has my front covered as well.

In case if I don't speak or smile as I'm a painfully shy person, with my Guardian Angels, I pray that my Papa God bless you and protect you :) Please stay safe and healthy :)

Take care :)

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