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He Will Be Disappointed #5

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


And he says, let us see him as if he is dead and prepare vigorously for the festival. In the

Meanwhile, the young man for his greediness has told those new choral team that he wants to

Join that he desires prominent position on their midst if they really want him to perform

Exceptionally and lift the group to enviable heights winning the competition for them.

They agreed with him that whatever he says they will abide by to lure him into their midst.

On getting to the group he started performing well and given them all he knows the new

Styles he thought they could use to win the competition including the new songs he has

Composed with those other members of the group have also submitted. They continued with

This, and the rumors of him leaving the initial group, the village where he hails from has

Spread abroad and the rich people who have placed their money on the initial group have

Withdrew their money and they are looking for other group to support. Rich Members of the

Village the choral team belongs to who could not deny their people have made inquiries to

What happened and the reason for the young man leaving their midst and they have told

Them the truth. Those people have said, well, even if they will lose, they will support them,

For they will not be among those who will point to their family houses with left hand, for it is

Said in their adage that it is only a fool who uses left hand to point to his or her family’s

House. They keep on supporting them with all they have asking that they should beg him

Again for it is him who shall regret his actions. The preparation for the competition has

Reached the peak, and those new team he has joined has used him a lot and has gotten

Many things from him. At the last time when they will submit the details of the people for the

Competition, they excluded his name from among those who will lead the choral team. He

Would not know this until after the first outing when he was completely omitted from the

Songs and on making inquiries into the details submitted to the organizers of the program he

Was disappointed, but he has given all, to the team with the mind of defeating and putting his

Jonathan Nelson - I Believe (Island Medley)(Official Video)

Earlier team to shame. Throughout the period of the competition he was not featured

Regularly, and even when featured he was given minor role to perform which hides his star

Remarkably, during the fiesta he never shone. In the meanwhile, the team he joined made

Remarkable progress, and the team he has left gave the person who has stepped into his

Position chance to perform, they had given him uncommon support such that people began to

Wonder where the young man has emerged from. The new young man was also receiving

Gifts like the man who left the team and they were able to qualify for the last eight. The

Team he joined never won the competition, for they dropped at the quarter final stage while

The team he left got to the final stage and had missed retaining the cup by three points. They

Performed exceptionally, and each person’s star shone during the fiesta. They all praised

God for removing him from their midst, for assuming he has not exit their midst, many

People’s stars would not have shone as they will still be in the bondage of his leaderships and

Talents. What those people did pained him and he pulled out of the group hoping to join

Another choral team but the news of what he did has spread abroad and no one wants to

Absorb a greedy person into their midst. He became irrelevant as a musician in the island for

His greediness while those who were initially unknown started shining like sun in the

Island. The choir leader of his former team remembered what one of the rich people said on

Hearing what he has done that, “oh people take note of what I want to say, the young man

Would be disappointed where he has moved to”, and truly was his word for he was

Disappointed and put to shame, he became irrelevant in the music industry in the island.

Note: on the proverb, it is the believe of the people of the village that left hand is used for derogatory things and anyone who uses left hand to point to his parents’ or family’s house belittle his family or parents.


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