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He Will Be Disappointed #4

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The choral leader thought of what they say and said to himself, they have not received

Anything from the guy, how would they know if the money is multiplied by two or more,

Whatever it is the good news there is that they will each be receiving money as the festival

Progresses unlike the ended year that they concentrated on him alone. He thanked them

And left their presence, he called for the meeting of all and told them what those people said

That they will be given money and other gifts for each songs they rendered. They were all

Elated for the new resolution by the people and promised themselves to give in their all

For the rehearsal and the festival. They agreed on the date to start the rehearsals and had

Called the star but he did not come. As they continued their trainings and rehearsals, someone

Among them told them that, he has seen him talking with some other groups and from the

Information he has gathered, that choir team is likely to absorb him. This weakens many of

Them, not excluding their leader. He thought of how foolish he was for covering up for him,

He shouldn’t have covered for him before those people, and while he was lamenting on

This, they told him that he shouldn’t blame himself for what he has done because they were

The ones who made the suggestion to him that they should appeal to him and covered up for

Him before those people so that they will be able to prepare well for next year’s fiesta,

But since he has not done what they had thought he will do, what they need to do is look for

Means of plugging the vacuum he wants to leave behind. In the meanwhile, they have been

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Sing a New Song (Live)

Grooming someone for his position before, but that person is not as good as he is, but

During the time he was with them, the young guy has also improved tremendously and they

Have implored him to ensure that he works more on himself because all eyes would be on

Him now as it has been on the person who has left the place. He promised them that he

Knows that he is a “shinning star” that he cannot compare himself with, but nonetheless he

Will give it all it takes to them, because like the adage in their village that says that, “striped

Frog says in the stead of it not to be sweet in the soup, all its legs and thighs will go for

It”. They told him that they know he will not disappoint them, adding that they should know

That those rich people have said they will place their money on them that they will win the

Competition as he has boasted before them but even if they cannot win, they need to get

To the top three. One of the members interrupted the leader, saying he should not add “but”

In what he has said initially, it is only God who is irreplaceable, but humans are replaceable.

Another person added that, God forbids bad thing, but no one is immortal assuming he

Died would we have abandoned the competition? They all said they would not.


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