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He Will Be Disappointed #3

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Therefore the wisest king who ever lived says, I returned, and saw under the sun, that

The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise,

Nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and

Chance happeneth to them all. So you are implying that starting to train early does not

Mean that those choristers could win, one of the people said to him. Exactly sir, her

Responded, winning in life has so many factors associated with it, though we cannot

Completely ignore the phase of preparation, adequate preparation, but factor of the Divine

Is the major factor to anyone becoming and receiving anything in the world he replies. They

Agreed with him and then he says that they have said about raising the money they have

Given them next year, and he says, but you are yet to give us something this year, why

Waiting till next year before giving us something tangible for our groundbreaking success

This year. Then they replied that were they not given something by the young man who

Performed exceptionally among them? and he replied he never tell them that they have

Given him anything for the team, what he has said is he was given something by the rich

People in the society. Then, they replied that they indeed gave him something for all, and

Because he has the lion share of the deal that was why they gave it to him and instructed

Him to share it with his peers. The choir leader replied that he never shares anything with

Anyone to the best of his knowledge and he will ask from other members if he has given

Them anything at all. He thanked them and told them that they shall retain the cup the

Following year. Those people told him that they shall be expecting his feedback on what they

Have told him. When he saw others he asks them if the person has shared anything with

Them, and their responses were negative. One of them suggested that he be asked since

They said they all had share in the large sum. When they confronted him he turned the matter

Into fighting and they spoke harshly to him that what he did was bad, because he has been

Receiving different things even from the word go of the tournament and should not be

That greedy, and should have known that without them he cannot perform alone, though he is

A star they appreciate that, but he cannot sing those songs alone, he still needs their backups

Tye Tribbett ~ Same God (If he did it before) Lyrics

They emphasized to him. He was furious and told them that they wouldn’t have won the

Competition without his efforts, they replied him that, “… God resisteth the proud, but

Giveth grace unto the humble. If he desires for more promotion he needs to humble

Himself so that God will continue to promote and lift him up. But he was not ready to

Listen to them as he walked out of their presence. After his departure they started discussing

And some of them say, though what he did was wrong but he is saying the truth assuming he

Was not among them, they perhaps would not have won the competition for they have

Been trying for years without success before he was discovered by one of them. They thence

Resolved to appeal to him that he should not be annoyed with them. He told them that he was

No longer miffed with them as they have come to beg him. They were happy and told him

That they need to start submitting their composed songs as rehearsals would start soonest. He

Told them he has heard what they had said, as he hid his intentions from them. When the

Choir leader gets to the group of the rich people, he told them that he has seen him and

They have resolved the matter with him and thanked the people for their kindness towards the

Choral team. They ask him again if what he says before he stands by it, that they will defend

And retain the cup they have won and he replied in the affirmative. They told him that

They are going to place their money on them, and they should not disappoint them, for the

Coming year, if they can successfully defend the cup, they will receive ten times what they

Received that year. And along the line as the competition progresses they will be

Receiving money for their brilliant performances and now they will not limit it to the star

Among them alone.

Note: Quotations

Ecclesiastes 9:11

James 4:6