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He Will Be Disappointed #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Those who have been blessed above others within the island also support the island with

Gifts in cash and kind. As the Visioner has envisaged, Youths who have been unmarried and

Who are talented could easily find people to be married to during the fiesta and those who

Wanted to take new wives were able to get new and beautiful ladies among those people.

The program has been ongoing for close to five decades now without no hassles. The last

Fiesta produces a star who helps his team to break forth, among others. The village which he

And his choir team represents has never won the competition before, the closest they have

gotten to was semifinal stage, beyond that they have not been able to advance further. But

This star shone like sun in the firmament, like moon on the dark day, like uncommon star that

Pierces through the darkest firmament in an uncommon day. After each of their songs

From the preliminary stages, he has been going home with one gift or another, for the people

Would say, his voice has been wonderful outside their songs making a mark in their hearts,

Meeting with their needs at that time. Through this means, they defeated all other villages

Choir hands down to win the competition. Before the competition is over, some of the

Wealthy people within the island have come together and have said they will offer the team a

Special gift apart from the common gift they are to receive because they have performed

Exceptionally. They are simply wonderful! Those people said during their meeting. The gift

They have packaged for the team was in form of money and they give it unto the young man,

Asking him to give it unto his team members accordingly. He thanked them. On opening

The gift and noticing that huge money has been packaged for the team, the money “entered

His eyes, into his brains” and he had another thought within him, “what would those people

Have done without him?” He asks no one but himself. If not because of him that has been

Included in the team, they would not have won, they cannot win, for the village has not won

The competition since the time of its inception about five decades ago, he says to himself, he

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Will not share with anyone out of the large sum, it is the reward of his talent, assuming

The people want the money to be shared among the choral team, they would have handed this

Money over to their choral leader who will evenly distribute the money among them but

Since has not happened, the money is meant for me and me alone. They had said this so

That people will not envy him nor want to attack him he reasoned internally and would not

Give anyone out of the money. Those who have given the money out were expecting some

Changes from members of the choir and a thank you word from them, but when this does

Not happen, some of them become inquisitive and wish to know what happened were they so

Daft as not to know how to say thank you, or maybe the young man has not present the

Message to them very well, maybe that was why none of them seemly find it fit to thank

Them. They invited their leader and asks him of how they are preparing for the next fiesta,

For if they can repeat what they have done that year they surely will double the gift they have

Given them this year, they told the person. He appreciates them and told them that, they

Have not started serious training but that would soon start for they do not wish to release the

Cup to any other village, it is in their plan to defend the cup and maintain it for three

Consecutive years and win the cup for keeps. They all laughed and said, other villages

Would not fold their arms and see them defeat them again, for they have started training, they

Said unto the choral leader. He thanked them and replied that, it does not matter if they have

All started training, it is not how far, but how well, winning a battle is not for the person

Who wills neither for a person who wants to win, nor for the person who struggles to win, but

Its God who shows mercy.


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