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He Will Be Disappointed #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


In the ancient days, there was an island which was formed at the center of smaller villages,

Which was about twenty in numbers. Those villagers had a common area where they used to

Sell the products from their farmlands, their cattle, goats, animals that hunters have killed

Among other products that they used to sell at the market place. For the harmony in

Between those people, with time people started building houses close to the market square

And there they used to rest before and after the market day which usually comes up every

Five-five days. And with time this center places started expanding and they started electing

Their leaders, their style of leaderships is rotational in nature, their rotate their king among

Those ancient villages which have come together to form the center. It was not long when

This center becomes very big in the ancient days and it was bigger than many of the towns

Around which erstwhile have been bigger than her. Because of her style of leadership, which

Is rotational in nature, and because they are in harmony it was not long when other people

From other nearby towns started to migrate to the place, because of the peace that has been

Spread abroad that existed among the inhabitants of the island, this is coupled with the per

Capital income of the island which is high. As this emerging town continues to expand, with

New émigrés into the island, the leaderships of the island during their meeting one day

Resolved that they needed to be doing a sport among themselves that shall be fostering the

Love in between them, through this means they have also stated that their youths could be

Fallen in love with each other. Thus, the king on seat then whose name was Visioners has

Implored all of his cabinet members to go back home and come up with the commoner thing

Among their people so that they shall turn that to sports among them. He gave them two

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Weeks to submit their proposals and research. After the submission they will look at it

Together and choose the commonest thing among the people which shall be turned to sports

To generate healthy rivalry among them and promote love, understanding, mutualism among

The people. At the expiration of the two weeks, when the cabinet will meet again, they find

Out that the commonest thing among about twenty-one villages that come together as one

Was music and songs, they all love to sing, using different ancient instruments to sing and

Make melody unto their gods, the people, the rich and the poor within the island. After

Knowing that they all love to sing, they concluded that they shall be doing song competition

Among those villages yearly, and this would be starting during the harvest period before the

Beginning of another planting season. What they would be looking at to arrive at the

Winner is the dressing code, the originality of the songs sang, the rhythm, instrumentalists,

Standard of the song, demonstrations added to the song to bring about understanding of the

Song even to the indigent people within the audience, among other things. The leader of

The judge panel is also to be rotated yearly among them. The song competition would be

Done on league basis where the final eight would emerge for the quarterfinal stage, at this

Stage, it is elimination stages, any team that has the lowest points during this phase

Onwards would be eliminated while others continue with the contest until the best emerges.

This has been going on for decades, and when people started migrating into the island, the

Column of the immigrants were also carved out to integrate them into the program. Truly

According to the vision of the Visioner it promotes healthy rivalry among the inhabitants of

The island such that people always look forward to this wonderful yearly festival in the island.


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