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He Told Him What He Wants to Hear #2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


There has been no advertisement for jobs all these while, but one day while returning

Home from the work he notices an advert placed by a company that there are job vacancies

And intriguingly, he notices that the company wants to employ people of his discipline. The

Following day, he walks to the company with his resume, and had submitted it at where

The resumes of others are being submitted. As he was about to leave the company he comes

Across an agelong friend. They were brought up in the same island before each goes to

Different institution of higher learning. He has no idea that he works in the town he has

Moved to until that day. They were elated to come across each other and relive the past

Together. He explains to him what has brought him to the company and the person promises

To monitor his application for him. This he was doing, but some months after they have

All submitted their resumes, the company started experiencing economic distress. The World,

Bureau of Statistics and Global Economic Experts have alerted some islands of the world that

Their economies are not in best shape from what they have been monitoring for months

And they have asked those countries to cut down some of their spending lest they enter into

Deep economic mess. The leaderships of the island counter what those experts said by saying

Nothing is wrong with the economy of the island. But when things start happening they

Swallow their words but not their pride. This company was one of those hit by the economic

Nosedive and they had to put on hold the issue of employing new members of staff and ask

That those still on the payroll to brace up for heads would start rolling if things do not

Improve. The man who promises to be monitoring things for the young man had to call him

Of the development of things with the company, telling him that at the moment he should

Take his mind off the job because those of them who are still there are one leg in one leg

Out, because they could be laid off any time. The young man however would not reason

Along with his friend and asked that, in case the company lays anyone off and wants to

Employ new hand he should help him out. That man told him that he thinks he does not

Understand what he is saying that the issue of laying someone off and replacing it does not

Come into play now, if anyone is laid off, now, it means those in that department would be


Doing additional work for the management would not employ new hands to replace the

Person she has laid off. The young man claims to have understand him, but apparently he did

Not understand him because some days after he started disturbing his friend that he needs to

Help him secure employment. When he discovers that the young man does not reason

Along with him, and he is keeping to his own counsel, telling him what he thinks should

Happen saying that the young man should have faith, then the wife of the young man told

Him that, the man seems as if he is not interested in knowing the truth, what he has

Passed through since the time he has graduated has blindfolded him and his thinking has been

Clouded with obscurity, that he needs to apply wisdom in dealing with him. He asks his wife,

How to go about it, then the wife replied that he should be telling him what he likes to

Hear, for as long as he continues to tell him the truth he will not listen and would keep

Thinking he does not want to help him. The man thanked his wife richly and the following

Time that the young man accosted him, he told him what he wants to hear, telling him

That he has taken his file to the works department and that they are looking into his case. He

Was elated to hear this and thanked his friend profusely. Since then, his mien which has been

Dull before changed and he becomes lively, looking forward to when the company would

Start employing. Whenever, he comes across the young man to ask him of how far about the

Work, he will tell him that the work is about to be completed and if not that the manager has

Traveled outside the island, he ought to have been called for interview and be employed,

Because everything has been sealed up. He was elated to hear this. The person who has been

At the verge of psychological breakdown before was no longer experiencing that, and

Everyone in the neighborhood has stated that he now works his work with all zeal

Because he is hearing what he wants to hear. They also counseled his friend having known

Them to be close that he needs not divulge the truth to him and continue to tell him what he

Wants to hear since he does not want to hear the truth. He thanked them, telling them that

He does not know his status before, but having known his status he will continue to tell him

What he wants to hear so that he will not break down psychologically.


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