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He Told Him What He Wants to Hear #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He is the first graduate of the family and all eyes are on him to save the family from

Poverty which is the second name which the island bears. After the name given to the island

By the colonial masters centuries back, the name that all nations of the world now know the

Island for is “Poverty”, and she is called “Poor people’s island”, because poverty there is

Very high, and it could be seen all around the places in the island. Though foreigners, some

Religionist used to say that the island is an island flowing with “milk and honey”, this they

Used to say in tandem with what Jehovah says to children of Israel when he wants to lead

Them out of the land of Egypt as he says he is taken them to a land flowing with “milk and

Honey”, thus the people of the island would also refer to the island as a place flowing with

“Milk and Honey”, despite being a place flowing with milk and honey it is clear that the

Milk that the cattle are producing in the island are not being harnessed well, and if they are

Being harnessed well, it means that they are not being processed well, and in a case they are

Being processed well it indubitably means that the circulation of the milk is lopsided which

Makes majority of the inhabitants of the island to grope in the darkness of poverty while the

Fewer ones enjoy. The same goes for the honey of the island. Thus, many people within the

Island gropes in abject poverty and sad enough many of the leaders of the island who have

Stashed their money away in another man’s islands make people from other island think that

The island is dwelling in wealth and riches as they could find on the map of the island which

Shows that there are several minerals in the island which could be harnessed to turn the

Fortunes of the inhabitants of the islands around, but this the leaderships never do, all they do

Is looking at other islands for assistance, borrowing from them and would not take the


Initiative of exploring the minerals deposited in the island to turn it to money. Sadly, the

Little ones they are harnessing, they are sharing the lots among themselves, using it for

Tourism, and saving the money to oppress the larger populace who are poor in the island.

Thus, many inhabitants of the island, have known that they cannot compete with those

Leaders, because they are caucus, a cabal, but they know if they can struggle to send their

Wards to school and such ones graduate and secures a job he or she would be better paid and

Would be able to bring smile unto the faces of his or her family. This was the reason why

They struggled to send him to school, all their sources of income were pulled together to send

Him to school hoping that immediately he graduates from the school he will bring smile to

Their faces. But things have changed in the island of late, and not many people who

Graduated from the institutions of higher learning secures jobs immediately, sometimes,

Some will not secure jobs for decades, and would continue to be fed by his parents or those

Who cannot withstand their parents struggling on them would start doing hard labor, join

Laborers in the market square to keep body and soul together. This is the case of the young

Man, after finishing the university and all the family had has been expended on him,

Including withdrawing many of his younger ones from the schools to focus on his

Education, for they had believed that if he can graduate he will be the one who will rescue

Others. It was quite appalling that what they thought would happen never happened because,

The young man never secures job and it is going to 7 years that he has graduated from the

University, and he has been keeping his life together by joining laborers in the market square.

He has fled his parents and siblings to another island because he does not want them to feel

The psychological trauma of seeing him without jobs and yet feeding him.


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