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He Stuck to Her #3

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Thus, the security personnel have been alerted and trailing her. But they

Couldn’t get her, though they have gotten others and have sentenced them. In the

New island that she gets to, she found a man whose earning is below average and they

Got married to each other, have three children, one male and two females. She has

Now become a wealthy woman for all the money stashed away has been used in

Starting a new life in that island. About thirty years after this, one of the group members

After serving her jail term also left the island for another to start a new life. Unlike

Her that saved her things she did not save her lot and have been confiscated by the

Government of the island. For shame the woman moves to another island to settle

And see if she could start something new, for it is said, that when there is life there

Is hope and that when there is life, one must still continue to struggle. The island she

Relocated to happens to be the island this late man’s rich daughter also relocated to and

Changed her identity. She has been hearing of the wealthy woman, before she got to

The island, because some of her company’s product gets to their island, she also

Heard of her philanthropy services but she has no inkling that she could be the one

Because of the tribal marks on her face and because she has been sought for all

Over the world and the theory put forward by the intelligence agencies was that she

Died in a car accident when she was being hotly pursued by some other cultists that

Their gang have dealt with. The members of her gang initially did not believe that

Theory because of what she said while throwing in her towel, but on another note they

Reasoned that she may have retraced her step back into the nefarious acts when she was

Being cheated by someone what is constant in human life is a change, and it will

Not be difficult for her to change since she has trod the path before, thus the people

Believed when her traces could not be found anywhere in the neighborhood that she

May eventually have died in the car accident. Because of this she never gives it

A thought that she could be the one. However, one day, she was at a function that

The wealthy woman organized and while the woman was addressing the crowd she

Notices her accent and said this resembles her voice. She thence made inquiries

Into her past and that was when she discovered that she was not a native of the land

And had relocated to the island decades back. After her marriage to the man, their

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Fortune changed she gathered from her inquiries. It was then she knows that she is

The one that has been sought for, for years. She sends message to the law enforcement

Agencies of her island that their theory was wrong as the person they thought was dead

Is well and alive. She sends the details of her to the enforcement agencies and she

Was trailed to the island and arrested. It was then she confessed everything at the court

To the judges. She was also sentenced to 14 years imprisonment based on the defense of

Her counsels. She thought all would be over between her and her spouse and her

Children would renounce her but they never did, they told her that she has been

Everything unto her and would wait as long as it takes for her to get out of the prison

The man says he does not marry an occultic person he married a caring, loving,

Industrious, respectable woman. What else could he have wanted in life than her? If

Not for her he would not have been whom he is, though if he has been destined to be

Rich it could still happen according to the theorem of people, but if that

Happens he may not have the kind of peace of mind that he has, which she gives him

And their children. They go to the prison regularly to give her their support.

She has barely spend three years in the prison custody when another government

Takes over, and she was one of those the leadership of the island freed. It was a

Happy reunion for the family.


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