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He Stuck to Her #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


One of his daughters when she was in the institution of higher learning

Joined a gang, they initially said they were group of dancers, and because she

Loves dancing, knows how to dance, she did not hesitate to join the gang but

She does not know that those people used dancing as a cover up and belong

To certain sect. She continued to follow them, perform with them. At a juncture

One of them called her to tell her that if she wishes to make advancement in the

Art she must take a bold step, she needs to take another step apart from the

Normal and common ones. She enjoins the person to elucidate what she was saying

Further and the person told her that, she needs to step forward, because she could

See that she is one if not the best dancers they have in the group, yet her full

Potentials have not been actualized and to actualize that, she will need to be initiated

Into the mainstream of event of the group. She told the person that her father is rich

And she has everything in abundance, that if it is because of money that she is

Given her that advise she would not want to belong into the inner caucus of the

Group. The person told her that what the initiation is for is to ensure that she is

Committed to the group and would neither disappoint them nor break away

From the group when her fame rises. She replied that if the initiation is to show

All the inner caucus that she will be devoted to the group, that is not bad she will

Do it. She was initiated into the group. Few days after the initiation that was

When she knows that the gang was not what she thought the gang was for, but

Now she could not leave the group. All this her father did not know. After her

Initiation her father took ill which was said to be the aftermath of her

Initiation into the group, because the leader would cast a spell on one person

In the family of the person who has been initiated and the person the leader

From this Moment on

Casts spell on was her father. The man was taken to different places but

He did not recover. He died ten months later. The death of her father pained

Her greatly, and after her father’s burial she decides that she will not belong to

The group again because she said there is no assurance that the group would

Not demand for something else in the future. In the future they may demand for

Her children when she gets married, thus, she resolved that it is better she leaves

The group then, saying she is praying that her father’s soul would forgive her

Of her mistakes. However, before retracing her steps, she has accompanied them

To do some operations and she has received out of the bounties of the operations.

Those things she received and other things she possessed she stashed away in

A bank. Thus, when the people said there would be negative consequences for

What she has done, she said she is ready to bear whatever would follow. They did

Not know that she has completed all plans to leave the island for another.

Immediately after renouncing them, she fled the island to another island very

Far off the island. On getting to the place she changed her identities, she will

Also have tribal marks on her face to change her status from the group members

And anyone who may have known her before. However, in their last operation

Before renouncing the group, she made a mistake and the security camera captured her face