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He Stuck to Her #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Her father was begotten by a poor parents, they find it extremely

Hard to feed those children, but he was determined to make it in the

World, to liberate his family from poverty and give his children good

Legacy. Thus, when his peers were getting married he did not think about

Marriage as he continues to invest in different things within the island. He has

Been a failure in all his previous investments because none yielded positive things

However, he was not relenting, for he usually remember the elders’ saying in the

Land that “as long as there are lice in the hair, we shall still find blood on the

Fingernails”. So he believed that those previous failures are pointing him to other

Means of working, investing. The investment that eventually led to his change of

Status was what he does not think would yield positive dividends, he only tried at

The insistence of his friend that he should give it a trial, after all he has nothing to

Lose by doing the thing. Then he danced to the tune of his friend and invested

In cocoa plantation that year, sold the piece of land that his parent have given him

And used the money to buy the cocoa plantation in another island. The man who owns

The farm sold it because age was not on his side, he feels he will soon die and

Prefers returning to his island to go and die there. The man would have wished that

His children take over the farm, but his children were all females and have been married

According to the culture of their island, female children could not inherit the properties

Of their father because they have been married. Thus, he prefers he sells it and return to

His island and be expecting death. The money he would get from the proceedings would

This Must Be Love

Be enough for him for the remaining days of his life, because his wife had died about

Three years prior then and he decided not to remarry. In addition to the money he would

Raise from selling the farm, all his children do send money and foodstuffs to him monthly

After resolving to sell the farm he told people about it, but not many could raise the

Money he asked for, until this man’s friend told him about the farm, that he is seeking

For who would buy the farm. The cocoa of the man was planted not long ago anyone

Who bought the farm is in for bounteous harvest he told his friend. After knowing

The amount which the farm would be sold, he decided to sell his portion of land to

Complete the money required for the purchase of the farmland. After raising the

Money, and he bought the farmland, the year that he bought the farmland was the

Year that cocoa’s prices rose in the island, it was said that such has not happened for

Close to fifty years. People from different places came to their island to purchase

Cocoa that year, and what he sold he reaps that year in multiple folds such that

Even if he desires to sell the farm the following year he has made his money. That

Was how is life changed. And he entered the group of the rich people within the

Island. As if nature was waiting for what happened to him to happen, all other

Forgotten investments too started yielding dividends, and it was not long before

He becomes one of the ten richest people in the island. He got married after this

Incident and would give birth to five children, two females and three males.

He ensure that he gives them qualitative education and supported his siblings

For his dream has been actualized.


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