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He Silenced His Critics #5

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He places her head on his shoulder as a father

Does to his child comforting the child and he started

Talking, who told you that I do not have peace nor

Joy since we met? She answers him not a word

My life has wear a new look since you came into my life.

You have been my everyday joy, my delight

Since the day you decide to be mine, indeed

I have never had joy and peace like this before

All because we have been involved with each other.

Listen thou not to what people say, do not allow

People's words, my enemies, our enemies to weigh

You down. Remember that, a leper cannot squeeze the

Breasts of cattle to extract milk out, but lepers can

Waste the milk squeezed into the calabashes.

That's what enemies and critics do, they can destroy

But they can not build nor construct. You are my Queen

And Beauty, you are my jewel, a very rare one,

No one could ever match you in my hands and heart

Not now, not ever.

She becomes relaxed at his words, smiled,

"Are you telling me your mind?" She asks as he

Nods his head, then if you do not mind me, i

Assure you that I go no where then, I will ever be

By your side, do your will and bring you comfort

The man later replied his critics and enemies

Whether she is beautiful or nay; whether she is

Poor or nay; it's her I have chosen, it is her

In experience that gives me joy and comfort.

Her financial status is a blessing to me, in her

I find my peace, strength to carry on, she points

Targets to me to aim at.

From thenceforth let no man trouble us,

Let each person mind his or her business.

His response settles it all as he and his

Svelte damsel keeps enjoying themselves

In the beautiful garden.