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He Silenced His Critics #4

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


They continue to happily interact with each other

Their days would never be complete without

Words of love, humming of love, sharing of

Beautiful photos of flowers, animals as

Theu romance and play in the ecosystems with one another

The compatible one has at long last been

Found by him. Those who thought he was

Proud will not appreciate this because

"One's enemy can never do something good"

So says the adage.

They started singing another song about him

The person he is involved with is young, he

Ought to look for somebody who is about his age

The person he is involved with is ugly, he ought

To look for a beautiful damsel.

The person he is involved with lacks experience,

He ought to look for an experienced lass; the maiden

He is involved with is poor, she will run him bankrupty soon

By her repeated demands he ought to look for

A lass who is rich, non dependant.

The persons who have been looking down on

Him and who never dreamt of him getting off

His position keeps ranting, saying many things

To put him off the lass because their meeting

Involves no one and they had thought there would be someone who will influence his being romantically involved with a maiden.

When he couldn't be weighed down by his critics

They shifted grounds and started attacking the

Naive damsel. She was painted black and called

By several derogatory names to push her to the brink

And push her away from him.

The damsel having heard many words being

Spoken about her and her involvement with the

Man was weighed down in the spirit, though deep

Within her she wants him and can do anything for

Him, but the words spoken were too much.

She tried to maintain herself, waving those words

Aside but despite her resilience, doggedness, she

Cave in and becomes subsumed by those words

Thence, she ruminated over what was happening,

After several thoughts she concluded.

Her conclusion was to leave him, for if that will

Bring him happiness and peace of mind it is better

She does that, exit his life to gain happiness for herself.

She withdraws to herself wouldn't react nor contact

Him as before.

When he sees her she keeps putting up excuses

He discovers that what she has been doing was

Unlike her, as she has changed. He called her for

Discussion, reappraising their love, there and then

She broke up in tears.

She then told him that he wants him to leave

For all she wanted for him was peace and joy

But it seems as if since she has been involved with

Him that never happened. He walks to her, embraced

Her, wiped off tears on her face.


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