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He Silenced His Critics #3

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He keeps looking at her, he has never seen

A lass as beautiful as her in the world, at least

Since he has been given birth to, he has never

Seen someone as beautiful as she is, no lady

Has ever arrested his heart like her.

"This is it" he repeatedly said to self, this is the

Hidden joy that took me out of my beautiful garden

Little wonder my heart knows no peace whenever

I looked back because my heart has seen her

And she wants us to meet.

When the appointed time for something clicks

Nothing can stop a person from getting to where

His goodness is, this is why I left the garden,

Having no purpose of where I am heading for

Because the Divine wants us to meet.

As he has been ruminating on this, then the

Damsel also looks at his direction and like him

She equally had the same feeling, she also

Said she has never come across a man like

Him in all her life. He looks at her and she

Smile, she discovers inner peace.

What's happening, no man has brought

Happiness to me like him and she knows

Thiswould be the beginning of another chapter

In her life. When beats are harmoniously

Sounding then the rhythm will be melodious.

A good song balanced with good beats would make

The heart of listeners merry which will make

Them desire to have more of such songs and beats

They are internally dancing to the song of

Love their hearts play for them.

As their thoughts have been in harmony

The ember of fire in them hasbeen fanned

And it is now aglow, this overwhelming joy

This comfort of heart, the inner peace they

Cannot hide from each other as they approached each other.

After their interaction, they know their hearts

Have been glued together they know this is

The joy they have been waiting for, they

Know they have found what they can call theirs'

They have found in who their comfort lies.

They have found the one who will always make

Them happy,they have found the compatible one

They have found the one in who me their hearts

Pleases to dwell, the one they will always love

To be in companionship with now and ever.

Their dreams have been fulfilled, the much

Awaited for dream has presented itself before

Them. It was a memorable day, a day they cannot

Forget in their lives. Happily they parted from each other

And working and looking forward to another day they will meet.

Now with purpose of mind, vision, focus, hope

And sharing their dreams and future together

They look forward to wonderful new beginning.

Each meeting apart from the first day always

Leaves in their hearts indescribable joy.


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