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He Silenced His Critics #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


"No time for time", I have been here

All along, I have tried all I could, done

All I can yet continuing in the same to

Remove the burden of loneliness,

Yea, the occasional surge of depression

From my deepest being when it happens like this

Yet no permanent changes then decides he

To again take the last step which is uncommonly

Used to remove the burden of depression,

Yea pains of loneliness from his being

By stepping out of the garden

He stepped out of the beautiful garden

Int the larger society to refresh himself,

Cool his brain and mingle with souls

Covered by flesh, he however hopes this

Will not be turned to another day of reproach

For days like this, he used to meet with

Hard hearted beings who instead of

Alleviating his troubled soul will heap

Up another burden on the soul, weighing

Him down by their hard and heavy words.

For the first time ever, stepping outside

Of his beautiful garden gives him deeper

Joy, indescribable joy while looking back

Brings to his heart heaviness and sadness.

Then he believes something must be in the offing for him

He soon gets to the streets, joy still envelopes

His naive heart like when he was in his garden

Viewing the interactions of the animals amongst

Themselves. Now he knows something

Lies somewhere, something is about to happen.


It is either something to be seen or to be

Possessed or both is in the pipeline.

Whatever it is he desires to get that thing

So that his joy will be full and before he can

Contemplate, dream or think of returning to the beautiful garden

All he sees does not ignite the light of

Joy in him, yet the joy is there while the

Thoughts of returning gives him sadness.

Surprisingly, he did not meet with anyone who

Will weaken him, someone whose words would plunge himinto further depression.

He continues in his journey sight seeing

The places he has been familiar with as if

He was new in the land looking at the streets

Again and again as if he knows what he is looking

For, but he knows when he sees what would make him happy his heart would leap up.

On getting to a juncture he sees a damsel and

Accordingly his heart races fast, the light was

Ignited it was as if fuel has been poured on the

Fire that is already burning. "This must be it"

He said to himself.


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