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He Silenced His Critics #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Alone he has been for long

None compatible with him

Though tried to conform himself

Even to the standards of people

Yet he is alone among the crowd

Some perceived he is full of himself

How can he think no one is at per

With him nor could be at per with him

Even among the multitudes around

It is all pride

Whether pride or nay, the heart knows

To whom it belongs, the heart knows

What it wants, the heart knows whom it wants

Yea, it knows what and who will make him happy

Forsooth the real compatible one

Therefore lingers on, patiently waiting

Opening wide his eyes, antennae well set

To receive signals for transmission

From nigh and far, yea, waiting for his

Appointed time and the One.

In the beautiful garden lives he

Apparently living from the rest of

The people he everyday works in

This beautiful garden, adding new

Things and removing old things.


These he regularly do to be at per

With people all around yea distanced

Places none could consider him old fashioned

His garden leads among the

Beautiful gardens around

Since none is compatible with him,

No one to make him happy, he has

Therefore coined happiness for himself

Looking at the animals as they

Play in the garden at cool of the day

Watching the ecosystem in his garden

Brings him relief and joy.

Whenever he goes out of the garden

His immediate desire seconds after

Stepping out is returning in there.

He finds no joy outside, all his joy

Revolves around his garden and the

Ecosystems there intrigued him,

Teach him, give him a sense of newness

And a view of new world

On this day the garden becomes boring to

Him, everything that brings him joy does

Not have meaning to him that day,

He seems not to be himself, does not

Know what's happening.


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