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He Overcame Discouragement

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


It has been in their minds

To marry each other, they were

Course mates in the university

Their relationship has been smoothly going

Until they did their genotype and the

Report of their genotype splits them

Their genotype shows that they both

Have “hetero-gene”; one “sickling” and

The other normal” called “AS”

They do not want to take

Chances thus they speak senses unto

Themselves and parted ways hoping for the best

After their separation he met with

A beautiful maiden but he thus not

Want a repeat of a situation of afore

Thus, before they become heads over

Heels in their romantic relationship

He asks for her genotype.

She does not know her genotype

He thence waited for her to

Make a confirmation of what it is

From the medical personnel before continuing

With her. She after being given

The result of the test told him

That she has homologous gene,

Which is different from his’ and

This gives him confidence to continue

The relationship with her. Everything was

Formalized according to the custom of

Their land and one they become

A week cannot pass after becoming

One that there won’t be serious

Misunderstanding between the newly joined ones

The misunderstanding between them one day

Degenerates into a serious one as it

Becomes physical one like wrestlers

This led to the destruction of

Some of their properties at home

Because they were subsumed in anger

Neighbor waded into the situation after

Which marriage counsellors were contacted

They talked to them, asking them to

Give it trial again before divorce

No marriage is perfect the counselors

Told them, everybody works towards improving

On their marriage in the world

They need to study to know

Each other characters the counselors told

Them. If they could achieve that

Knowing each other “likes” and “dislikes”

Would help them for there is no

How they would not argue but

Their arguments after knowing these would

Be reduced and they would not

Fight again because of this knowledge

The niece of the wife started

Living with them to assist her


Sister on the house chores

One of the man’s closest friend

Had feelings for this niece since

The very first day that she steps there

The niece could see and read

This from the man’s eyes, his

Face and reactions show his intents

Through facial expressions they started talking

To each other, other body parts’

Movement were later added as showing signals

The hubby got to know this

And called his friend, discouraging him

From having anything to do with her

His wife’s niece for they all

Possess the same trait in them,

Arrogance, nagging, and other vices

That could piss off men are

Their inherent possessions, if his friend

Does not want to be depressed

Neither want to experience something like

Those he has experienced he should

Desist from seeing her he stated

Learning from other people experience is

Better than one becoming a bitter

Experience, what that happens person is a fool

All that had transpired between his

Wife and him has he not

Hidden from him because he wants him learn

His friend appreciates him, begged him

For not telling him what’s going

On between the duo till he

Finds out himself. Telling him that

He will give what he said a due

Consideration and would let him know

What his decision would eventually be

After duly considering what he told

Him, he decided against his friend’s counsel

For he was convinced that the

Niece was not like other ladies

In their family as his friend has said

Telling his friend this may result in

Another thing, thence he secretly continues

With her against his friend’s decision

Since that has been what it

Takes for them to maintain their

Love, the niece also wakes up

Ensuring that she keeps that aspect

From her aunt and her in-law

Until everything got to apex.

Such that there was nothing he

Could do about the relationship again

They performed the cultural rites

And they started their journey

Into the unknown realm called

Marriage like others globally

Contrary to expectations of friend

Nothing like what happened between

Niece’s elder siblings happened between the couple

This confirms what the man has

Raised before that looking into her

Eyes he could see different spirit there.