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He Naively Took Accursed Thing While on Vacation #5

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Somehow, really, as the first child has gone to where he had kept the damn thing and he has taken it out of its closet and brought it to the open what they never expected happened and it is called miracle. The wife of the man while talking later says it seems as if scale has

Fallen off his eyes and something has swirled in her head as if the cerebro-spinal fluids in her has been mingled with some unknown contents, she could not explain what was happening like a baby that has been circling and circling a focus and who could not stand

Erect again but had to sit on the floor lest he falls, that was what she experienced and after all this has happened it seems as if a cool breeze from the south blows into her room and then she starts to feel sorry for herself, and her senses were restored like it happened unto

King Nebuchadnezzar in the bible and she started crying because her mind says she has grieved so much her darling love. While she was experiencing this, the baby of the house who has been noticing strange things run through her systems discovered that the thing

Suddenly stopped and the discomforts that has been the recurrent phenomena with her system has not been there again and her system has started to work normally. While his wife started to cry he walks to her to know what was it with her, and she could not talk as she

Started to cover her face for shame, saying she has really caused a lot of discomfort to her and the family. He starts to comfort her, telling her that the devil has failed on the family. They were on this when the last baby of the house also shouted that what used to walk in her

Jonathan Nelson - I Believe (Island Medley) (LIVE)

Body is no longer there. Coincidentally the day was on weekend that they do not go to office and the children do not go to school. His friend has arrived with his wife and children and they have seen the thing that has almost led to divorce of the family. They jointly prayed

On the cursed thing, destroying the demonic works on it set it on fire but it cannot be burnt, and would use strong hammer on it to break it to pieces. They took it to the cemetery and buried it there so that no person would be able to have access to it again for they

Reasoned that if they took it to the wilderness and throw it there, somehow someone in the future may get hold of the fragments and have Interest in it and pick it causing troubles to the family again. After burying it they returned to their abode and started talking about what

They have passed through, then they said that assuming the couples have not really love each other, before marrying what they passed through that couple of months would have led to their divorce because every one of them was the exact opposite of who they really are.

From this incident they had learnt a bitter lesson that it is not everything that glitters that is gold, it is not everything that one sees, which appeals to one’s senses that one should have interest in and want to pick, this was what happened to the first woman in the garden of Eden,

What she saw impressed her and she thought it is better she taste out of it and that has been the genesis of the endless trouble that the world is in till today. All thanks to God through Jesus who has “redeemed us from the curses of the law for he has been made a

Curse for us because accursed is everyone hangeth on the tree”, because he has delivered us from every forms of curses, the full enterprise of the cursed thing could not be executed on the family else, they would have recorded deaths and divorce….

Quotation: Galatians 3:13


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