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He Naively Took Accursed Thing While on Vacation #4

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The man reasoned with his friend and they decided to pray about the issue to know what could be the basis of the emergent problem that has betide the family. They have been childhood friends and have been doing everything together, attended the same Elementary

School, High School and University together and studied the same course in the University and had it been that it is possible that two men marry to marry one woman, they would have married one woman because their friendship is deep and very close some people

have been calling them “nonidentical twins” because of their closeness. They decided to use the whole week to commune with their heavenly Father to know the genesis of the whole issue with fasting and prayer. Since the man’s wife has not been in tune with him they decide

To leave her out of it, in fact they decide not to tell anyone, they keep the prayers close to themselves. But the fasting could not be kept close to their chests because their wives do prepare meals for them at home, through that their wives and children know that their

Husbands and fathers are having “special programs”. At the inception of the program they received no message from the Lord about the issue at hand and since they have decided to use the whole week for prayer they continued. Nothing seemed to happen even on the last day,

In fact on the last day the woman behaved very harsh to everyone at home that surprised them all. When it was the twelfth day, the fifth day after they had ended their special prayer and they are planning on finding a person the father in-law likes and respects to send to him,

His friend dreamt a dream and in the dream he saw that his friend and his family were at the bank of the sea. While they were enjoying themselves taking selfie among other people gathered at the sea bank, he saw the first child of the man bend down to take something that


Resembles a shell from the sea bank. The shell was shining and verily attractive to anyone who sees it, that is what attracted the child to take the shell. After taken the shell he showed his parents who said it is very good and this will keep the memories of what we have

Done here alive the father as said. soon they left the sea side and left for their home. But while going home he saw that something like arrows went out of the empty shell where the child has kept it inside the bag at the boot of the car and had penetrated the bodies of every

One of them inside the car. And as they continued to harbor the thing inside their house it keeps on sending arrows everyday thence, a day a trouble in the family and he woke up from the sleep. He thanked the Father of Heaven for bringing the revelation to him and called his

Friend that immediately to tell him about the revelation. He remembered truly that his first child took something by the sea bank which he had approved, none of them thought that the thing he has taken is a cursed thing. He called his son, who brought to him the thing

Where he has kept it and they prayed over it, nullifying its effects on their family. His friend has asked him to keep the thing till he comes in the morning to see it, but he replies with an adage that says the day one sees the placenta of a new born baby that is the day it would be

Buried that he will not want to keep it till the following morning because they have suffered a lot for this. His friend replied that since God has revealed the cause of the problem, the power of the thing has been reduced that he should at least let him see what they have

Suffered for. He agreed with him and had kept the thing in a container while the whole family prayed all through the night.


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