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He Naively Took Accursed Thing While on Vacation #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Tola Elizabeth, Medical Personnel

Tola Elizabeth, Medical Personnel

On examining her they have stated that her system is okay and have ran some texts on her. The laboratory results of the tests also show that all is well with her, however, the medical personnel have given them “placebo” so that they would be on their way back and

Had counseled them that on getting back to their base they should visit their family doctor maybe there is something hidden he has been treating them for that they did not know. But the man has said, even the child hardly visits hospital since the time she has been given birth

To. That is how the situation with the family has been since the time after the vacation but none among them considers it that what the first child has taken could be the cause of the problem they are battling with daily. Seven months after returning from the vacation with no

Changes and they are moving from one problem to another, the family who used to be envied by all, with many praying that their families have half of joy and happiness existing in the family has become a shadow of herself and this has been noticed by all with people

Talking that what could have been the trouble with them. No one could answer the question because everything seems going as it was before with them, how they have lost their joy and happiness they cannot say. One of the closest pal of the head of the family invited

Him to a private discussion where he asked him what the problem with him and his family is? He could not state what the problem is but remembered that the problem developed after their yearly vacation and they are on their way back to their abode. He told his friend

That he has been thinking that maybe the enemies have finally gotten them because he remembers that the father of his spouse did not want his spouse to marry him, but when she has insisted that he is the one she shall marry or else she would die unmarried, that was when


His father has soft pedaled and allow the wedding to be hold albeit reluctantly. Though he has been doing his best for his in-laws parents and siblings such that his siblings have been openly praising him but her father in-law has not for once appreciated all he has done for him

Nor the family. Recently he cannot but think that what is happening is associated with the unhappiness of his father in-law. His friend who has been aware of all about their courtship and the father in-law disposition cannot but say they still need to do something about what

They are passing through. He agrees but does not know what he needs to do. He told him that sometimes he has thought of sending people to the man to plead with him to have mercy on them, but on a second thought, he says it may not be a good idea and have dropped the

Idea. His friend says he supports what he said, they can send someone to his father in-law to talk with him and plea on his behalf, but on the interim he asks him if he has ever prayed about the genesis of the sudden problem because they have been married for close to fifteen

Years now with no issues whatsoever, could it then mean that the man waited for fifteen years before casting his spell? What does he stand to benefit if his daughter becomes a widow at this age or becomes a divorcee? His friend implores him to shed more light on what he is

Saying and he says, as he has said, he has not said going to his father in-law is bad, but he is thinking that they needed to address what they are passing through from spiritual vantage point because no one knows those who are envying you and who may have been hiding under the subterfuge of what happened in the past to be attacking your family.


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