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He Naively Took Accursed Thing While on Vacation #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


They arrived at the seaside hotel where they will be lodging at around 18:00 hours their local time and have been ushered into their apartment by the hotel staff. During this period they will drive to the sea side to see things, rest there, swim there, for the children know how

To swim unlike their parents who are not very good in swimming. After they have played at this place, they will move to other places of interest within the town, like the houses that the first missionaries who had come to the island had put up at in the 17th century, the kind of

Foods they were eating then which has been preserved for tourists like them, although at a very high price for by that money they are paying the members of staff working at the place and maintaining the place, ensuring that they repaired things that have become dilapidated

There to keep in tune with the ancient periods that those missionaries have come to the island. The first Printing House and the ancient engines that were used during this period have also been preserved and people who visited the place would be explained to the rigors

That they used to pass through before a “leaflet” could be published during those periods, unlike now that within fraction of minutes books could be published curtsy the advanced technology, internet, and computer. It was not like that during those periods. While there they

All could understand the herculean task that the first person who translated the Latin Bible to their native language passed through and praised the man for his insight into the work and the future. Through what the man has done they cannot but say that they believed

Through him series of development has been brought into the island at large and he has given the people of the tribe a sense of belonging among the comity of nations globally unlike many people whose languages could not be written down let alone having religious


Books in their own native languages. The children understand better the histories they are being taught in their schools. There are different statues of different missioners and slave masters that have been erected at different places within the town. They have also inscribed

Some of the intriguing activities and quotes of those people on those statues for people to see. All those places were visited by them. A day prior their departure day, they have visited again the sea to swim, relax, take selfie, and enjoy themselves. While doing all of these, the

Eldest child of the family saw something by the sea side which he believes has been swept to the sea bank by the tides of the sea and has taken the thing, he says he will keep it as remembrance for the fruitful vacation period. No one knows what the thing is, indeed their

Parents also affirmed that they have not seen something like that before, but since there are many things under the sea that we have not seen they have believed it is one of those things that they have not seen before that the tides of the sea has brought up to the surface

From beneath the sea unknown to them that what their child has taken is a cursed thing and any house it enters would be cursed. While returning to their base, what has never happened since the history of the relationship of the lovers happened as his wife for no just

Cause flared up while they were returning home in their car. The man was surprised, because he was playing with her, and they have played together on different occasions but that day, she has misinterpreted everything that had happened such that everyone was amazed

And they all had to be apologizing to her. After they had resolved this issue, the last born also developed some strange sickness during the trip and before they could get to their island, they had to drop at a nearby hospital to ask the medical personnel to attend to her.


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