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He Naively Took Accursed Thing While on Vacation #1

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In the office where he works, he has programmed his vacation to end of the year so that he will be able to celebrate the period with his love and the beautiful children that the Lord has given them. During this period they used to travel to other parts of the island where they have

Not been to before, or maybe they have been there once and would want to know what and the new face of the area, they will travel there. He usually planned his time for this and would have made needful investigations into the area, where he can lodge at with his family away

From the stress of the environment where he lives. During this period, that he will be together with his charming wife, he used to put his office phone at home, for he would not want to be disturbed by calls from office again, the same with his wife, she will also leave behind her common phone line while he will take along the dedicated line, which are known

To limited numbers of people. The oldest of their three children is in his early teens, and because they do not want them to lose focus from like many other children in the neighborhoods are they have not gotten for any of them a phone, if they want to call their

Friends, they will use either of their parents phones to contact any of their friends. This indeed has been helpful to the children, for they have been facing their academics which their parents have greatly desired. Though the world has changed and lesser priority has been

Placed on education, and in-depth studies, but not so with the children of this family, because their parents still value education greatly and are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that their children’s education do not suffer. It is not therefore surprising that among

Their peers in the neighborhood they cannot be pushed aside as far as education is concerned, for they are vast in so many things. In addition to this, people have studied those children and have discovered that they are very respectful, obedient, hardworking, and easy

Going in the neighborhood. Many people have said that they envied their family especially their God given children who give them no troubles unlike many in the neighborhood that give their parents and guardians troubles and which they recurrently lament and regret on.


Some have been bewailing and cursing the day they got married and especially the period when their wives conceived because of the troubles that their children are giving them on daily basis. They have hoped that tides of things change and they are the kind of people who

Begotten those kinds of children, but the tide of things cannot be changed because it is what one sows that one reaps, as one lays his bed so one would lie on it. This family does not play with this period of vacation and they would not allow anything to come in between them

And the day. It is usually a period of fun for them away from hustling and bustling in the neighborhood, time to reflect on the past months and activities of the ending year, time to reflect on their activities, time to count their blessings, time for corrections, time to plan for

The coming year what they want to do and what they will want to make happen with the assistance of God. This year, they have planned to travel to the south side of the island that has been bordered by the sea. They have been there once, and this year according to the

Family election conducted on the tenth month to decide on where to go to for the end of the year vacation, the result of the election has shown that majority voted that they again visit the sea side for their vacation. The head of the family has made the needful inquiries into

Where they will lodge at. After everything has been settled and their parents have secured their vacation with the management and the children have been given their holidays at their respective institutions they all could not wait for the day they will leave for the place.


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