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He Is Indeed My Angel #8

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Since the time my friend has shared this with me, I have put it at the back of my mind, thence when I have come across him and he has shown some signs on the first day of our contact I have decided that I need to be well prepared for him, I need to resolve within my

Mind if I really want him or not. He got the information he needed from my friend his sibling that I was single and not engaged because we share virtually all our secrets together. After getting the information he needed from her, his messages to me changed, and it

Involves some love messages which I ignored, for anyone could send such message to people without strings attached and I was waiting for when he will officially open his mouth to me. He eventually visited us on campus and as he has planned it with his sibling, my

Friend, who excused us, he proposed to me and I asked that he should give me time. Of course before I said that I have made up my mind on him that I do not want to be romantically involved with him, I have no love feelings for him, I see him as other people

Other guys around. However, since some marriage counselors say one should apply some diplomacy in some instances while replying them, I have asked him to give me some time. After two weeks, I visited their house again and was ample ready with answers for him

And it was then I told him that I do not love him and would not want to be married to him. He however does not believe this and was thinking maybe I am like some other ladies as it is commonly said in the island that it is the lady that guys disturbed that eventually turns

Around to answer “Yes, I do”. Well he kept pestering me and with time this news filtered to the ears of my parents who would eventually went to some spiritualists to ask of how the coupling of him and me would be. Everyone my parents got to tell them that we are

Good for each other, but that I may prove a little difficult for him, thence, they need to work on me so that I agree to marry him. Thus, after my parents got to know this, they started asking me about my friend and started telling things about him, about his family, and that

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They want comfort and bliss for me. Sometimes he will follow my father home from office to see me, and after he has gotten home my parents would excuse us, leaving us to have moments together and during these period I started emphasizing to him that I have not

Changed my position. He told my parent about this and they were not happy with me at all, they ask him to be patient with me that I will come around soon, telling him that, he should know such is the attitudes of ladies, and anyone who will eat honey inside a rock

Would not recurrently be examining the sharp edge of the axe. That is how ladies are, even if you propose to someone else, he has been told by my father that such a lady would yet play on him testing him to know if he really loves him before accepting his proposal because

Ladies know that immediately they accepted guys proposals, they may become lord over them. He replies him that he understands that and he will be patient. As he was being spoken to by my parents he also keeps on sending his sister to me such that I have to reduce my

Relationship with her, until I cut her off because she is always disturbing me, asking me what the lot of her brother would be as if I am the only lady on earth. In the middle of this development, the young business man with whom I have developed close relationship along the line comes forth with his proposal.