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He Is Indeed My Angel #7

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In the meanwhile among the categories of people my parents have suggested we be married from, there was a young man who fit perfectly into that category, the young man works in the same establishment with my father and from there they have developed close

Rapport. As fate would have it, this young man also have a sister who is my friend when we were in the University, it was through her sister who is my friend that I got to know him. Though he works in the same establishment with my father, but he has never visited our

House prior the time I know her sister in the university. When her sister and I get going, my friend has told me that her brother also graduated from that university about three years ago, and from that department. I told her that one day, I will know his brother, saying I hope

He will also be of assistance to me since he graduated from this department and university and the system has not changed much as those lecturers who taught them then are those teaching us now. My friend replied that, she believes her brother would be more than

Willing to help me. As our friendship deepens we used to visit each other’s house and it was during one of my visitation to their house that I got to know him for he was off duty that day. When he sees me, he asks his sister that am I the person she has been talking to me about

That I am studying his course in the university and she replied that I am the one. He stretches out his hand to greet me saying, I am welcome and he is extremely happy to meet me and know me that day, I also replied him that I am equally happy to know him. He would

Not leave my hand, telling me that his sister has spoken a lot about me to him that he has been longing to know me. I thanked him for saying that. He will not leave my hand too, and I do not want to be rude to him, I continued to look at him as he ushered me to a seat while he

Sits by my side, asking me different things about the department and I am answering. This is how I got to know him and he says if I have any issues with any of the courses I should let him know so as to put me through. I thanked him for his kind gesture telling him


That his sister has told me that he will be willing to assist me in understanding some of the courses. Though, my friend’s brother is a handsome guy, have good work, fall into the purview of the area where my parents want me to marry from, but I searched through my

Innermost being to know if I have deeper feelings for his man but I do not have any feelings for him other than him being my friend’s brother. As my friend and I continue our friendship, she and her brother do visit our house and it was then my parents know that we

Have known each other through my parents, he was elated to know this. He also was verily surprised to know my father, saying that my father is one of his bosses in the office. This was how the friendship continues to grow. However, he used to call me to know how

My education is faring, wanting me to ask of assistance from him but what he did the first day, holding my hand and not wanting it to go looks abnormal to me, I do not like it, since then, I have decided that I will not be too much involved with him till I resolve the contents

Of my heart on our relationship. This is because I have gotten to know through one of my friends in the university that when one is in relationship with an opposite sex that is not one’s sibling, one needs to be prepared and gets her mind resolved about the kind of relationship

One would be with the person. Is he the kind of person one would want to be romantically involved with and or married to, or it is simply friendship level that one would base the friendship to? This must have been resolved well ahead of when the guy would come forth

With his proposal so that one would not waste his and her time dillydallying on his case when he comes forth.