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He Is Indeed My Angel #6

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


However, I could not enjoy my first date with him because my parents were always calling me that I should not stay long. My parents are overly protective parents, never allowed me to mix with anyone, even when I told them that I wanted to visit my friend that

Day, I never dreamt they would allow it, but they allowed it telling me not to be long that was when I replied him that I will make the meeting. When I told my parents that I am no longer a baby, they replied me that, I do not know what it means to give birth to a baby, that

When I get to their position I will understand better. When my parents called that I should return home that I have stayed long where I am, I have to tell him that I want to start going, “my parents are ordering me back home”, I told him. His response was “I see”. Looking at

His face, I could not read anything then I asked him I hope you are not annoyed with this, for we barely have ample of time together before I am ordered back home. He said all is well, that meeting with each other has given him joy, though we barely have time together, yet he

Appreciates my presence with him because it has been long since he is in companionship of a lady last. I acted as if I am not hearing what he said well, as he walks me to the bus stop where I take bus back to my area and he stays back at the garden to enjoy himself and have

Fun. This day and outing marks the beginning of another thought for him. The thought has grown from that of friendship and businessman-customer relationship to another thing in my heart. yet, I could not state his mind because I still think maybe he wants to flirt with me

As his spouse is living elsewhere, maybe outside the island as there are many business persons in the island whose spouses and children are not living in the island, and they are the ones sponsoring the business sending hard currencies to them, I have reasoned within me.

When I got home, I called to tell him I am home because he has asked that I call, because the situation of the island is dicey now because of the kidnappers operating here and there because of recession, joblessness, injustices among other things that is rampant in the island.


Thence, he asked that I call to know that I am safely back at home because if I do not call his mind would not be at rest he has said. In fact before I got home he has called thrice to know my movements. Before I entered our compound I called him to let him know that I am

At the entrance of our compound. He was elated telling me that I should take care of myself, then I asked him if he is yet at the spot and he replied that he is there, “I have nowhere to go for now, I am still having fun here looking at different things” he concluded. I

Don’t know what welled up in my heart as if I have been married to him or at best been dating him, “please do not stay long there, I also want you safely back home”, I told him on phone as he smiled, telling me that I should not worry everything would be well with him. I

Entered my compound, ending the call for my father must not know that I am calling a male partner. This is the beginning of the deep intimacy, since then I have been dreaming seeing myself in his arms, but how would this be possible I continued to ask myself like Mary

The mother of Jesus did when the angel spoke with her, knowing that he is married or even if not married what about my parents? They won’t subscribe to this, I said to myself. Then another thought crossed my mind that “will be will be”. My parents have stated in

Unmistaken terms to me and my juniors in the past the kind of people they want us to be married to, and from which region and countries such people should come from but from indications he is outside the categories of people my parents have said we should be married to. This is a major cross in my heart.

Quotation from Luke 1:34