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He Is Indeed My Angel #5

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


As you have said this, are you sure that you will travel next week so that I know what I am in for? I asked him. Surely, I shall be traveling but not any moment before the day I have told you, he replied. Okay, I will come back to put you in remembrance of what I need and if

I shall be needing additional things, when I come I will let you know. The following week when I thought I would be checking on him, I couldn’t make the date because my father sent me to one of his friends in another island, and I could not return till Friday of the following

Week by which according to him he should have traveled. Thus, I could not check back on him. When I could not check back on him it crosses my mind that he may not buy along those things I asked him to buy, and I said to myself I should have made a deposit to make

My commitment to buy those goods known to him when I was with him. I started thinking, if he does not buy this, how sure am I that I will get the goods elsewhere because according to him they do not usually buy such goods because it is rarely asked for by

Customers. As I think about this, then I said to myself, what even gives me the assurance that he will travel? He may not travel after all, I said to myself, then I resolved that I would check on him when I return to the island to know if he indeed traveled or nay. When I

Returned to the island even before getting home I branched at his store and discovered that he has traveled because he is not around and I asked from his staff who says he has travelled. On knowing that he has traveled what I can only hope for now is that he buys along

Those things. As stated on Sunday he returned to the island around 16:00 hours the island time. I knew this because I passed by his shop that day and noticed people offloading goods from a lorry into his store, he was not there, and even if he is there, I do not think that is an


Appropriate time to speak to him. The following day, I went to his store, and fortunately he is there working with his sales girls and boys to arrange those goods and telling them other things. On getting to him, I greeted him but he does not recognize me as such again as I have

To reintroduce myself to him again, it was after this that he recognizes me and I told him that as he has not recognized me what is the assurance that he bought what I have asked him to buy for me? He laughed, saying, a business person may forget faces because there are

Many customers patronizing this place, but he will not forget what he wants to buy because a good business person would have listed all the goods he wants to buy to avoid him forgetting. Therefore, I have not forgotten what you have asked for, because immediately

After you left, I have put it down among the lists of things I want to buy he said. Thank you I said. I am a business person who keeps to my promises, he said, I am not like others who will tell you lies to win you to themselves. Since the day that I have bought the thing

From him, I have been going to him and he has also recognized me. This was the beginning of our friendship. However, during these period, I used to think he is married because those he controls in his office. As I continued to patronize his office, I get his private

Phone number, thus when I wanted to know if he has any material I need, instead of going to the place I will phone him to know if those materials are available and he will tell me if they are in stock or not. On one festive period he has asked if he can take me out, and I

Said I will love that, because as a young maiden I have not have such experience before. We arranged for when he will take me out and met at the spot from where we board a vehicle to the recreation garden.


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