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He Is Indeed My Angel #4

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It is this that would be built upon when married and living together as husbands and wives. It is however ironical that some people when they are romantically involved and dating they would not have time for such, it is not verily good, she says as people clapped in

Appreciation of what she has said. As she waits for the clapping to go down, when the clapping is reduced, she continues, the dating period is not the period of satisfying one’s sexual pleasures, but it is the time one has to know the person one is romantically involved

With. We have over the years grown to study each other. However, it is not as if during our dating moments we have it all smooth because if I tell you that I will grossly be lying to you. In fact from the first moment of our dating it has been thugs of war, not with each other

But with the environment and the laws in place. As she says this the people have stopped clapping they wanted to hear what she has to say because it is for this that the Emcee has really called her to speak to the spinsters so that they will learn one or two things. This is the

Story of our romantic involvement. My Angel, my Spouse, the Crown of my head, my Heart, my Pride, My One and Only, my Source, My Joy, My Glory as she starts to give the groom, her lover special names, the spinsters started clapping again, some whistling, some

Counting the name she is calling her spouse, My Precious Jewel, My Gem… and I have been close somehow, but it was not love that brings us together in the first instance. He is a business person and I have gone to his shop to buy some things immediately I finished my

High School, but he does not have the goods I have gone to his shop to buy and I asked him if he can get those goods for me. He told me that if I can wait a while he will get the goods for me because he is billed to travel to where he used to buy those things. I asked of


The duration of the waiting because waiting a while to me is bogus and not specific. Then he told me that all things being equal he would be traveling by Friday of the following week and would return on Sunday. I asked if he is a believer of Christ called Christians? He replied

He is a christian. Then I asked why he has to travel on Sunday, the day he should be in the church to worship his God and could not return on Saturday or Monday or at least rescheduling the day of his movements so that Sunday would not be affected. His reply is that

Each career has its norms and that he has studied his business for about ten or more years now and has discovered that, traveling to buy those goods during the period and returning on Sunday is the best for him. He has tried all I have suggested for some times but it does not

Work for him, since it does not work, he has resolved that it is better he keeps to those days since it is not an everyday thing it is not every Sunday that he will be traveling he has replied. I shrugged my shoulder saying maybe he is one of those people who do not even

Value Sundays and maybe he is a hotch-potch believer in Christ. When I said that he just smiled, and said, from my experience, those days are the best days for my business trips, in addition to that, I also have to gather more money for the trip because if I travel with a

Meager amount, I will not make appreciable gain as a business person, a business person is a person who needs to be counting his costs before making the trips he replied. You are just saying what would not make you travel during the mid-week for I do not believe it is on Sundays alone that you could return to the island.