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He Is Indeed My Angel #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Three days are spectacular in the lives of humans on earth, asking the audience if they know those three days? Those who are sited said he should tell them those three special days in the lives of humans on earth. Thank you he said as he says, the first day of reckoning in

Human life is the day one is given birth to till the day the person would be christened. During those periods none of us know what was happening then, neither are we partakers of what was happening during the day. Our parents, siblings, relatives, and their friends were

Those who celebrate us during this period because we do not know what was happening then. The second day is a day like this which is the wedding day. During this day, we are able to witness our event, they cannot celebrate us without us being there. Some of the times

Though, some couples may not be the only people responsible for the financial responsibilities of the wedding, as they would be supported by their families, friends and so on, but the good thing about this period is that they are alive and could witness the day, for if

They are not alive no one could do wedding for the dead this is different from the period we are given birth to because we are sensible during the period and knows what is happening we could partake in our joy. The last special day in the lives of humans is the day we die.

People also would gather to celebrate and talk about us, but we are no longer in the physical flesh to celebrate the occasion it is the people who will do that for us. So, out of all those three important days in human life, this day is important and should not be taken with

Levity hand it should be well celebrated, therefore it is important that we celebrate them for this is their day, the Supreme Being has spared their lives to see this day and to be among those who have been begotten to celebrate a day as this in the land of the living, as he says

This, the audience continues to clap their hands, while she walks with her bestie to where the Emcee is to get from him the microphone. The clapping continues as she stretches her hand, genuflecting to collect the microphone from the Emcee, she waits for the clapping to go

Down before speaking into the microphone as her best lady stands behind her. What she first say is you can see what I have done up there when the Emcee calls me to come and say one or two things to you all, that I have to take permission from my head and love before


Doing anything. I am no longer single, I am married as she raised her left hand up to show to the audience as if they were not there all along the wedding and the engagement rings on her fourth finger. As she does this, the spinsters started clapping saying, that is true.

So, as a responsible married lady I have to seek permission from him before I leave him because if I do not ask of permission from him this may degenerate into another thing, and that is what happened when we speak to ourselves through our eye to eye contact without

Opening our mouth when he called me. We can speak to each other through eye to eye contact because over the years when we were yet in the vehicle of the courtship we have taken great time to study each other. Studying each other during dating is extremely

Important, and this all the singles here should know about, if you do not study to know the person you want to be married to during the dating period it is not good enough, you have to study his likes, dislikes among other things during those periods. And as you do this you

Also need to develop close intimacy such that you will be able to speak to each other without talking because there are instances during the dating moments that you will need such, and if such has not been developed it is not good.


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