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He Is Indeed My Angel #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


One of the people say, it is not late to do that, he can still take a second wife to himself. The person says that because in the island men are allowed to take on more than a wife, theirs’ is not a christian island where it is one man one wife, men could be married to more

Than one woman in the island. He replies that he has no intention of taking another wife, no thanks to the recession that has ravaged the whole land he says. Then turning to those who are married like him there that, what they doing are sparking their heads, making them think

That they need to do their wedding again, thence he suggested that they who are married at the occasion should celebrate the years of their marriage by taking their spouses to a special venue, like a hall like this where they shall renew their love, renew their marriage and

Would feed each other to the admiration of all at the venue. One of the married people there, said you are very correct the emcee, in fact we need to be doing this recurrently re-igniting our love for each other because what one does not renew would become obsolete

Soon the person has said as many who are there started laughing. While they continued to speak like this, the groom puts the wine cup to her mouth and she sips. Usually during the wedding occasion like this in the island it is a single cup that would be placed before the

Couple because they know they now want to become one, as such everything should be one, they would be required to demonstrate this oneness, by giving themselves wine to drink, and food to eat. The food that they usually put before them is some portions of the cake of the

Wedding that have been cut out, and they would be expected to feed each other to demonstrate to all how they would be feeding each other when they get to their homes. As the culture of the island, many if not all brides when they are called to perform this function in

The presence of all at the venue would kneel down to serve the grooms the food and feed them, the same they will do when they want to serve them wines. This they are doing to show the culture of the island and that they have been well trained at their respective homes even

Before they are married. It has been noticed such performances do not exceed that day, because when they get to their homes and started living together as husbands and wives would not do that again. There however are few brides who do not do something like this


When they are asked to feed their grooms and or give them wine during this occasion what they used to do is they would put the cake in their mouths and used their teeth to feed their spouse. When they also want to give them wine they will sip the wine and would take

Their mouths to the mouths of their grooms and pour the wine in their mouths into the mouth of the groom showing that they are in love, and they are now one ever. However, in the case of the groom he will not do that as the head of the house, he will be on his seat, puts

His arm across the shoulder of the bride to draw her closer to himself and then feed her, there have been occasions where some grooms also put the cakes in their mouths to feed their brides, but not common. He, the groom, puts the wine cup in her mouth too to drink, after

Sipping the drink, she kissed her love as she stretches her hand to him and he helps her to stand to her feet. As she was pulling the edges of her wedding gown up to allow her to walk freely, her best lady stands to help her to pull her gown up as she walks towards the Emcee to

Collect the microphone from him to say one or two things to the people who are sited at the place to celebrate their love. While all this are going, the Emcee tells the people that they should appreciate her, give her honor by clapping for her because that day is her day.