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He Is Indeed My Angel #12

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


However as the pressure continues on me, the guy in question too has been spoken to by his parents and friends that if I do not want him, he should let me be, and look for someone else, because time is everything, if he fails to seize the presenting opportunities of ladies

Coming near him then he may have difficulties later. He yielded to the counsels of those people and got ahead with his life, getting someone else. Some months after they started seeing them together and that was when my father started relaxing his grips on me, as this

Was happening then it remains how to present the one I am romantically involved with. I told my mother who said, if he is the one I am involved with, there is nothing he could do about it, the person he wants you to be married to has gotten married, he will not want to go

Against your wish now. Reluctantly I presented my crown to him and he supported, asking that we do the wedding immediately, stating that he knows he is the one who has been given me support making me to go against his wish for months. No one could utter anything,

All we do is thank the Lord that he at last come down and agrees that I marry the person I really loved to be ever with in this world. for what my Pride and crown has done for me, I wish to reiterate to everyone here sited especially the ladies who are yet to be engaged that

The person they should look out for is their own angel, not just anyone, because were he to be just anyone he would have left me too. Though if he leaves me I will get someone else, to be married to, but he has proved to me that, love transcends so many things, a person who

Really loves would be ready to give anything for the one they love, they will endure the stress, the disappointment and would exercise all the needed patience for their dreams to come through in the world. look for your own angel, for I have indeed find my own angel, he

Is indeed my angel who cannot be compared with anyone in the world. Today, we are getting married because of his perseverance his faith, his love for me, really, I know that when one sees and falls in love with a person who truly loves you, he will go any length to

Shania Twain - Forever and for always (Official Music Video) (Red Version)

Ensure that it works, even at the peril of his life. I can authoritatively say, he is my God sent angel. The audience continue to clap for her as the Emcee walks to the podium to collect the microphone from her, while she walks back to where her Crown and Pride is sited, as she

Was going the Emcee continues to speak, you have heard from the horse’s mouth, nothing simple comes easy those of you who want things on platter of gold things do not work like that in life, some people will have it rough at the inception of their relationship as

This while some will not, and it is after they have started their courtship that things they do not expect would begin to rear its ugly heads and while those things are surfacing what matters between you is the existing love, it is through that, that you will be able to silence all

Oppositions, as she has stated, “I can authoritatively say, he is my God sent angel”, he has not missed his angel, may all those people who are yet single here never miss their God given angels, the audience shouted a rapturous amen, and clapping their hands… I believe we all have learnt one or two things from what she has shared. They all hollered “Yes ooooh”

We all shall soon stand to our feet to dance with the couple, is this day not a memorable one for them? They all shouted that it is memorable and wonderful….as the invited musician moved to the instrument stand, and he started singing for the audience and couple to dance….