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He Is Indeed My Angel #11

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Assuming my mother does not have a small business she also is running, in fact many times we would have been without food, because during the time that my father is hell bent on me marrying him he did not bring home food stuff again because if he brings home foods,

I will eat from there and he does not want me to taste out of the foods he will bring home. He bans me from receiving phone calls at home, stating that, any phone call should be routed through him. It was very serious. All this time, my crown understands with me, I

Usually felt sorry for him and have for umpteenth time asks that he looks for someone else, praying that God prospers his ways and gives him a better woman even better in all respect than me because I know there are beautiful and better ladies out there, but he asks me

Not to repeat that to his hearing again, if deeply within me, I still love him and want to marry him, then, I should know that it is only death that can take the skin out of the bodies of goats, meaning it is nothing but death that can separate us. By this I cannot say a thing again,

I remember he at a point in time speaks that what does he know that he will find other ladies doing? Before he discovers those, he says he would have wasted his time, energy among other things. After discovering those things, he would then have to resort to the first

Phase which would be returning back to me and when that happens, I may have gone then, which means he will miss me, and would again have nothing in his hands again, it is therefore better he stays with me because the bible also says, If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.

I have to endure this with you, I will endure this with you, if indeed your mind is with me, he emphasized that night. After the phone conversation that day, I cannot but burst into tears crying, for his love for me, is a rare one, and I am praying that my parents disposition

Would change and I will be able to really love him and repay him back for his unflinching love for me. We continued to play secret love, despite his array of wealth, he believes that whatever we take with patient would end well but what we take with force

Would not end well, asking me to keep enduring all I may be passing through with him because such is life and we should believe that God is using that to work out something good for us. At some point in time I find it hard to believe that God is using that for my good

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According to what he says the bible says, because it seems as if I do not even believe in the power of the bible again. Then one day, one of his friends visited us and asks for me, he calls me out, after greeting his friend, serving him drinks I went back to my room and he

Raised up the issue of my marriage with him again. he stated his position that it is all or none, it is either I marry the young man or I would not be married all my life except I leave his abode. His friend told him that he is going too far, asking him what he really wants for

Me, and he replies that what he wants for me is happiness and nothing but happiness, then he told him that he does think he wants my happiness, for if he wants my happiness he will indeed not be hell-bent on me marrying the young man. He states that somehow anyhow,

Those children too have ways by which the heavenly beings communicate with them and when they are being communicated to, we sometimes want to go against their beliefs because we are not seeing what they are seeing at that point in time, and if we insisted on our

Ways and succeeded, it may turn out to be regrets at the end of it all. Let not be spoken of that you are the one who has led your daughter to a wrong person, it is better you leave her alone to let her do what is in her heart, if it turns out negative, you will have mouth then, and

Of course by then it would be a lesson for her, for she will use herself to speak to her children in the future. With many other words his friend spoke with him that day asking him to think about it as he left our house. My father being the kind of person he is that one will

Not know his position to what has been spoken never showed anything still insisting on his way.

Quote: Proverbs 24:10; Romans 8:28


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