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He Is Indeed My Angel #10

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Well, I am willing to continue with you, I love everything about you, I do not know how, I thought maybe I was lusting after you before that you may have been married or something but any day and anytime that such a thought cropped up in me, something would

Come to my heart to tell me that such never existed. And today you have stated that such never existed, and I am glad that my heart has not lied to me. He was elated to hear this from me, and promised that the mountain that lies ahead of us we shall scale through together,

Although it may not be easy because parents being who they are would not want to see things from our point of view immediately, but with our resolute faith in the Lord we should be aware that we shall at the end overcome the mountains, the English people used to say that

“where there is a way there is will”, he has said to me. I told him I hope it happens like that, because my parents are very stern, hard to bend. Let us keep the ball rolling he says. And to answer your second question of how I came about my wealth that the business is

Flourishing, I want you to know that, my father has landed properties, and when he grows old, he says, he will share his properties with all of us his children so that when he is dead, no one would fight on his properties again. He gave me a landed property at the

Outskirts of the town. The land is about five plots of land. on getting the papers of the land, and knowing where the land is located at, I reasoned within me that, development for the next three years cannot get to the place, and me that I am doing business, I do not have

Capital to keep the business going, thence, I said to myself, it is better I sell off eighty percent of the land, which is four plots and reserve one for myself. It was the land that I sold that I diverted the money into business and I thank my stars and God that I have not made a

Wrong decision because since then my fortune has changed and even if I want to buy the land back at any amount I can purchase it back from anyone who has bought it, assuming the person I sold it to has also resell them. But that is not what is in my mind, my mind is on

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Something else. As your wife in the making what do you want to do for now? I asked him and he told me that, wife is his focus now, how he will get spouse, take care of her and then other things would follow. You have gotten me now, I am not going anywhere again, I

Told him, irrespective of what my parents do, if you can stay true to your words, it then means the neck would hold the head for ever, my neck would ever hold you my crown forever I replied him. If you have assured me that I should not hesitate any fear, I want you to

Also know that you are in the hands of a dependable partner, I am ready to exercise my little faith till this becomes a reality. He said. after saying this, then he said, he has the plans of expanding his business in the island…. That was the beginning of the journey of our

Courtship. However, as time passes, I started avoiding that young man because there is a proverb that says, “what one would not eat it is better than one does not sniff it”. I thence started avoiding him if he visits us, I will not leave my bedroom, it is my parents he has

Come to visit not me, if his sister also comes obviously to lure me out, I will not leave my room I will tell her I am doing something. My father especially becomes irritated by this and threatens to disown me his only daughter, out of the four children he has given birth to,

Calling me bastard, that he doubts if my mother has not been impregnated by someone else, because his gene is not the one running through my systems he has said. This statement almost cause chaos in our family because my father as if he has been given some money by The young man started treating every one of us like a stranger at home.


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