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He Is Indeed My Angel #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Newly Wed, Pamilerin and Kemi Ogundare

Newly Wed, Pamilerin and Kemi Ogundare

She is being invited to the podium by the emcee of the program to come and speak one or two things to the people, especially the spinsters and bachelors who have gathered at the venue, who are yet single who have come to rejoice with her and her love on that momentous

And wonderful occasion which he believes she would have been dreaming for since when she was a teenager because almost all the ladies if not all the ladies dream of such occasion, an occasion that they would be celebrated, an occasion that they would sit beside their loved

Ones tying the marital ties together. The emcee in his words says, he believes she will have something to say that the spinsters and bachelors, singles who are gathered at the place would learn from, from her experience before the day becomes a success that they all are witnessing

That day. He has called his spouse, the groom to speak to the people, and just like all men whom the groom is, he did not speak much other than appreciating all who have come to celebrate the occasion with them, stating that it was a long journey, full of turbulence, but in

It all he thanks the Lord who has brought him and his spouse together, because if not for God, what would he and her spouse now be saying? They would of course not be together and would be no where he has said, thanking all and praying that they all would get back to

Their various destinations peacefully and that all shall always have reasons to felicitate in life. As he says this all who are gathered at one of the biggest halls in the island shouted amen joyously which reverberates and the sound could be heard miles of. Perhaps out of the words

He has spoken, the emcee drew out some things out of it and knows that as a man, he would not and perhaps could not be pushed to speak further words other than what he has said then, thence, he called his bride, that he believes and something inside of him is telling

Him that she equally will have one or two things to say to the people who have gathered at the venue especially the singles that they all could learn from which being the mountains that they have been able to surmount during the course of their dating before they were able to tie


The knot as it is that they all are witnessing at that point in time. The newly wedded couple on the planet as the priests who have gathered at the venue uttered few minutes back looked at each other eye to eye, and from what followed after wards one would know that they have

Grown deep in love and are speaking to each other through their eyes though sited closely together. The next thing that would be seen is the groom nodding his head, obviously approving what the emcee has said that she also should say something about their dating. She

Laughed, took the singular cup of wine that have been placed on a table before them which is well decorated with flowers and other wines surrounding it, put the wine cup to the mouth of her lover, who sips a bit out of it, as she is also taken the cup to her mouth, her

Lover, the groom holds back her hand collecting the cup from her and puts it to her mouth too to sip. As they do this, the people whose eyes have been set on them started shouting and laughing, “I also like this, one of the bachelors stated at the right-hand corner of the hall”,

While another spinster close to where the person who speaks also says, “me too”. The Emcee continues also continues to speak to the microphone, as they all are doing this, “is this not wonderful? Don’t you like this, spinsters and bachelors who are here?” And the singles

Who have been looking at them replied that they all like it, he will continue to say that, assuming he has not married he would have gone in search of a beautiful damsel that he will be married to the following month.