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He Has Lost His Teeth #3

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Tola Ogundare and Friends

Tola Ogundare and Friends

And her response has been you know when he was in university he was not like this,

Assuming he has been showing traits of activism maybe I will not even have accepted his

Proposals nor by now be married to him. For then he was strictly religious, and has risen to

The post of a president of the christian body on campus, that was what gingered my heart

Towards him for I love to be married to someone who is a devout religionist and since he

Has filled this, I cannot resist his proposal when he came to me few months after our

Graduation. This activism of a thing started manifesting when someone in the street we

Live started oppressing one of his tenants, and that was how he began, and from there he

Says, what happens in the streets reflects what happens on the larger scale outside. Having

Said that, he started talking about many things he considered wrong in the island. When I

Saw that this has consumed him, I cannot say nor act differently. On the issue of politics I

Have stylishly raised it with him, but he has repeatedly told me that he is not interested in

Politics. If you could flash back on his attitudes when we were in university apart from

This activism that he has introduced, he is yet like before, a principled man. Having raised

With him twice and he replied he is not interested, I do not bother my head talking about that

Again for I would not in any way allow what he wants to do for outsiders to destroy the

Harmony and love between us, if he feels he wants to join now all well and good and if not,

All well and good, I will not allow anything to destroy my family, she told them. having

Discussed with her friends like that, after the program, and while reliving what happened

At the program with him at home, she has raised the issue with him. He replied that he knows

That his friends would have discussed that with her during the program but she does not want

To raise it with him because she thought he will be annoyed and she does not want to

Move him to anger. She replied he has said all that is in her mind for keeping back that part

Of event at the CTG program with him. Having said that, she asks about what he feels about

What people say, for maybe that is what God is calling him to after all, as it is being said

That one’s destiny could be discovered in various ways, because God could not be limited, he

Speaks to people in different ways. I am still thinking about the pros and cons of going into

Politics he replies her. I feel comfortable making my quota through the medium of

Activism than joining them, I do not know why. Sometimes what one is fleeing from is what

Would bring comfort to one’s heart she has said. As I said I am still looking at this, I am

Weighing the advantages and the disadvantages, I love my family I will not want to lose

My family because of politics, as it is said in the holy writ that, Better is a dry morsel, and Quietness therewith, than an house full of sacrifices with strife.. Well, whatever you

The Leadership Song

Decide on, know that I am ready to give you the full support she replies as she returns to

Kitchen. After months of deliberation with different politicians and parties he eventually

Settles for one party the entire island was agog when they heard that he has settled for one of

The new political parties in the island, and he has shown his interest in contesting for a

Post during the forthcoming general elections. His case became a trending issue on the social

Media for a considerable length of time as he also continues to speak out against the party

And the leadership in position. However now that he has joined politics whatever he says

Is being viewed as a political opposition and leaders would say he is saying all of those

Because he wants to win people to his side so that he will be voted for during the forthcoming

Election. Some of those who have been following him on the social media who belonged

To the ruling party have removed their followership and thence the population of people

Following him has reduced on the social media. Despite this, it is worth of note saying that,

No member of CTG still have followers close to his on any of the social media platforms.

When the campaign begins he has done appreciably well and has been voted for en-masse by

People for they have said they want to see the reformation that he wants to bring and all that

He has been saying all this while they want him to effect it. After being elected into

Office, it is disturbing to note that things changed, what he used to speak against he cannot

Speak against again. People wonder what could be happening. And his spokesperson says

After a while that his master would address the press later. When he addresses the press,

He says, “until one sits on any of the political seats one cannot know how hot the chair is”.

He would not add any other word to this as he leaves the journalist presence, saying he has

Other matters of international interests to attend to. His word also became a trending

Thing on the social media for days, with his ardent followers still supporting him while the

Oppositions were lambasting them. Since the period that he has assumed the position of

Authority he speaks less about issues and things in the island, and people start to say, he has

No teeth to bite again having taste power….

Quotation: Proverbs 17:1


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