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He Has Lost His Teeth #2

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We thought of bringing ourselves together under one umbrella yearly to plan, relax, and

Assist one another. There so many reactions that trailed this interview on the social media

And people were elated for his response to the question. Some of the graduates of the

University who have finished with pass and other lower grades, who have been having

Inferiority complex, and thence have been withdrawing themselves from the group when they

Wanted to meet, have had a rethink and have been joining the meeting yearly, such that it has

Become an internationally recognized event. The circulars have been sent out by the

General Secretary of the CTG of the date of the next event. The public Relations Officers of

The group and other executives have been up and doing on hosting the event and making it

One of the best that the group has ever organized so far since the inception of the

Program. This young activist whom many people within and without the island like and had

Wished to join the politics of the island is a graduate and a member of CTG albeit a floor

Member as he has not occupied any position in the group. Though he is not occupying

Any position, but people have known him and on his social media he is one of the people of

The island that has large followership, in fact among the graduates of the university, yea

CTG, there is none among the members who has multitude followers on the social media

Like him. He has not been verily consistent in attending the yearly CTG reunion program, but

The President and some executive of CTG have gone to his office to talk to him that they

Want to see him at the program that year and he has promised to be in attendance

Promising to cancel all his engagements for the week so that nothing would bottle him up.

After the successful deliberation with him because he has large followership on the social

Media, he has been sharing the photos and fliers of the program on his social media

Handles. Him sharing the fliers and telling the people about the program add a lot to the

Advertisement of the program that year, and many people who are graduates of the university

From Left to Right: Me, Shola Idowu and Seyi Ajao at 2019 Reunion

From Left to Right: Me, Shola Idowu and Seyi Ajao at 2019 Reunion

Wish to be at the program not for anything but to see the young man who has become a

Thorn in the flesh of the leaderships of the island. Several things of note used to come up

During this program which has endeared the hearts of many members to the program. During

The program some of his colleagues who have lost touch with him for years come to the

Program and during the break sessions would discuss myriads of things. One of his

Colleagues told him that he needs to join the politics so that what he is saying he would

Translate it to action and would bring about the much-desired freedom to many people

Within the island. After this some other CTG members also told him the same thing, that all

He is saying would be effective if he can join politics. His response was he will look into

What they have said, but ordinarily he does not have a mind of joining politics before,

What is in his mind is making corrections through his words and other things he can do. He

However told the people that he does not want to join the party of those people who have

Bastardized everything in the island. They suggested that he forms another party or run as

An independent candidate because there is provision for that in the constitution and they

Believed that if he can do that, he is going to win, for he is one of the few ones within the

Island that has crowd following and liking him without being a politician neither one of

The religious leaders. He promised to look into this and would carry along all members of the

Institution if he eventually decides to run for any post. His wife who also is a member of the

CTG has been talked to by her friends too, that why can’t he convince her husband to join politics.