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He Has Lost His Teeth #1

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He is an activist that usually talks about anything that the government is doing that is not

Good. Many people within the island because of this loved him, “for he is the only one

Among the elites of the island that is always speaking truth, defending the defenseless”, many

Natives of the island used to say of the man. While some while talking among themselves,

And reacting to his comments on the activities, and policies of the leaderships of the island

Will add that they hope someone like him join politics, because people like him will be of

Much use to the people of the island if they join politics than staying outside politics and

Be talking to them, they will not listen to him and others like him they would reason among

Them as they read of his comments, contributions among other things on the social media.

He continued to do this, the leaderships of other countries outside the world likes him and

Have even offered him award for always being there for the defenseless of his island. There

Was a get-together party that is yearly done by the alumni and alumnae of his University, it

Has been christened Coming Together for Greatness (CTG). The graduates from the

University yearly are being initiated into the program immediately their final results are being

Released and they have discovered that they have successfully graduated from the institution.

They have not classed the program as to mean program for First Class, Second Class

Upper, but they have made it all inclusive in as much as you have finished from the

University you have been initiated and welcomed into the hall of the alumni and alumnae of

The institution and you will be receiving packages and publications of the group on

Monthly basis. To ensure this comes to pass they usually ask for correct address of the

Graduates which also could be pulled from the data base of the university registry. The

Pioneer president of the group, CTG was asked why they have made it a program that

Would incorporate all those who have finished from the institution but not for those who are

First Class and of the brilliant ones among them. During the international interview session


Which was conducted by one of the best freelance journalist in the island and which was

Aired by many of the television stations and radio broadcasting stations which has also been

Shared on many of the social media globally for the graduates of the institution living outside

The island he has replied the man that, they had made the program all-inclusive because it

Has been their belief that there would never be a First-Class Student if there are no student to

Compete with in the examination hall. Or have you seen where a person is contesting and

Competing with him or herself? Since a person cannot compete with himself, those

People they are competing with are also relevant and should not be disdained nor ignored.

When we sat down and reasoned together we see the need for them and thence decide to

Make it all inclusive. Apart from that, many of those whose grades are Pass are good in

Other areas of life, and if we have ignored them and limited them to people who have

Performed excellently academic wise, we would have be denying ourselves access to those

People and when we create man made lacunae between us, we may not be able to

Overcome those lacunae when the need be and we need their assistance. As students which

We were, are and will continue to be because education is a continuous process immediately

One stops learning one starts dying. Including them really takes us to those days when we

Were together, for through them we shall remember those good and bad moments of the pasts

When we were in institution. But some interesting things may be missed when we do not

Involve them, and we would not want such to happen thence we have reasoned that the best thing for us to do is to include everyone who has finished from the institution….


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