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He Escaped from the Hands of Slave Merchants #4

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


The lady asks him to be patient that he has suffered from terrible wounds. He allows

Her to continue to treat him. After three weeks he comes around fully and they were

Discussing, then he remembers what happened and how he tried to escape and that he

Started to fight with the slave merchants, but when then come in multitude, he decides

To flee, while fleeing one of them was pursuing him while their leader was shouting that

He must not allow me to escape. After a while I do not hear his footsteps after me again

What I suddenly heard afterwards are arrows entering my body. While with my father

Who also possesses great diabolical power, the gods have told me that arrows of the

Enemies cannot penetrate my body again for what has been injected into my system.

The lady laughs, saying, don’t you know that where the power of someone ends that

Is where the power of another person starts and most of the slave merchants have great

Powers because they cross rivers and oceans and move all over the continents they used

To mingle with different races and tribes and if they do not possess diverse of powers

They would be silenced by the enemies of another continents she stated. I see, that must

Have happened because none of the enemies of my father’s arrows and weapons could

Penetrate my body since the time the gods of my father have stated this to me.

Their power are enormous. She emphasized. After discussing this, they discussed

Some other things as she also shared her story life with him. How the enemies have

Killed her parents before her eyes and the woman who brought her to live where

She is living has rescued her life and brought her to live with her. The woman gave

Her different trainings especially those that have to do with removing poisons from

The body of humans. She has told her that she wished to avenge what the enemies

Have done on her and the woman told her before she died that someone is coming

Along her path, the person is a warrior, it is the person whom she should work with

To silence the enemies who killed her parents. And since the time that I have come

Across you my mind has been telling me that you are the one the old woman was talking

About she said. he reasoned with her, and they started training for taken vengeance on

Those envious people who have been terrorizing their territories all these while. While

Undergoing those trainings, they have developed deeper feelings of love for each other.

She also taught his different methods of removing poisons from the body, among other

Things that she knows. They shared their knowledge with each other and were in love

They assigned a day that they will visit his island and then move to her island to fight with

Those enemies. When they got to his island, they saw that his parents have died, his elder

Sister and two others were left. They come together and went to the camp of their

Enemies to fight with them, while fighting then the lady discovers that those enemies

Who killed her parents were those they were fighting with. For they were the ones

Terrorizing the territory for they do not want anyone to raise his or her head outside

Their camp. The battle was severe, but they overcome. After overcoming them, the lady

Moved in to the man’s place, and they become married. While her sisters also get married later.