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He Escaped from the Hands of Slave Merchants #3

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They know he has diabolical power for that has been revealed the last time he was tried

With his elder sister and he was saved by his elder sister, now he is not in the company of

His elder sister and they did not think he has improved in the usage of weapons of war too.

As they do not know that they equally has little knowledge about the person he was in

Company of, thus when they attacked them, the battle was severe, but because they were

Many they overpowered them and they had to escape from them too. Now they know he has

Improved. The eldest sister has barely gotten home when the news gets to them that the

Enemies have attacked her grandmother home, and the man and her daughters with his wife

Armed themselves and left to rescue the woman, but before they could get to the place the

Enemies have killed the grandmother. This pained them greatly and they had it in mind

That they will retaliate. As they were thinking about this before they returned to their abode

The enemies have set their abode on fire and had taken his only son captive. They cried

When they discovered this and they started to search for the son. Whichever island they

Got to, they will search everywhere to ensure that they are telling them the truth that his

Son is not there and any island that does not want to comply, they will wage war with and

Destroy. This continued for months. However, the son after he has been captured by

The enemies have been sold as slave to slave traders when they discovered that he cannot

Be killed for the power on him could not let him be killed. While he was being transported

To another continent by the slave traders, somehow he escaped and while he was being

Pursued by the enemies, different arrows were shot at him, perhaps those slave traders also

Have special local charms because ordinary arrows are supposed not to penetrate his body

Jai Jai Shivshankar Song | WAR

However, the arrows of those slave traders penetrated his body and he fell down, when

His pursuer gets to him he discovered that he was no longer breathing and leaves him to

Continue with his journey. He would have been in this position for one hour or more when

A lady sees him where he lifelessly lay on the ground. The lady rushes to him and after

Examining him discovers that he is not completely gone, he could still be revived. The

Abode of the lady is nigh by, and she took him to her abode. This lady was also the daughter

Of a powerful warrior in the territory. The enemies have risen against his father when his

Father’s fame was rising and had killed him before his very eyes and her mother. They did

Not touch her. While she was crying around she saw an old woman who carried her into the

Wilderness, that old woman had metaphysical powers, by her powers she can do many

Things and has been saving many people. She brought her up. And after she had brought her

Up she asks her that as she has fortified her she can leave for her island but the lady

Rejected, saying she has no one to go to again and that was how she started living with

Her however, the old woman developed some infirmities and died from the infirmity some

Weeks back, before her death she had prayed that the gods of the territory would bring along

Her path a good man whom she will be married to. While she was praying for her she

Was thinking she needs no male in her life, but she never knows that the day of the woman

Has drew nigh that she will die. Her death pained her. After burying her she starts to walk

Around in the wilderness to take fresh air, go to the stream to bathe and do some other

Things, it was during one of the walking around that she discovers him where he lies

On the ground and took him to her abode to take care of his wounds. He used antidote

To remove those poisons the arrows has injected into his body and as she was treating

Those poisons, he is coming back to life. By the third day, he opened his eyes and asks of

Where he is.


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