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He Escaped from the Hands of Slave Merchants #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The little knowledge he has in the use of those instruments was revealed when the

Enemies came on him suddenly, he would have been killed if not that he was with his

Eldest sister when those enemies came on them, it was her who saved him and rescued

Him from their hands quickly bundled him to the horse and fled the scene. When they

Got home and their father assessed his wounds he took him to the room where he used to

Be treated and his wife who was the native nurse joined his husband to treat their only son.

The woman has been instrumental in the success of the man for whenever the man

Suffers injury on the battle field she is the one who used to treat her husband, and because

The man does not visit other healers in the island and outside the island, they really could

Not poison him through the drugs he is using, for that has been done for many of the

Previous powerful people in the island when they know that he could not be overcame

They will go to the healer he uses and bribe the person to poison the man and he will die.

But in his case that cannot be done, because he married one of the native healers in

The island. The woman loves her deeply and could not trade him for anything in the world

Even when people came to him with different offers that she should hand over the man to

Them, he turned them down and said he will not for anything in the world trade her

First and only love. Since the woman cannot be penetrated, the man’s life remains secured

The man equally knows this and is usually treating his wife specially. His wife has also

Instructed her daughters on the use of different healing medicines that they will be using

When they get married. As the woman was teaching her daughters this, the man was teaching

Them how to use weapons, but he did not expose them to many of the local charms. However

He showed the son much of the local charms and had little time to train him on how to

Use different weapons. This was because he thought the attack that would come on him

Would be through metaphysical powers but he did not know that the enemies would go to

Any length when they wanted to attack their enemies. The woman and her eldest daughter

Put him on a couch as they started attending to him while the father went into the wilderness

To get some leaves that would be used for his treatment. It took him weeks before his health

Was completely restored, after the health has been restored, then his father told him that

What he has overlooked he need to start introducing him to it, that was how he first hands

Him over to her eldest daughter to train him on the use of some weapons of war. As he was

Being trained their parents would be there overseeing their trainings. They saw that he

Is improving in the art and act by the seconds and they were happy for this. Then on another

Occasion he and one of his sisters were sent on an errand for the eldest sister traveled to

Her mother’s island to give her grandmother something as she has been requesting that

From her daughter that is her mother for long, after she has finished with that, she sent her

Eldest daughter to go and deliver the package to her grandmother. After she has delivered

The package to her grandmother, she also gave her something to give unto her mother,

But she will not let her leave immediately stating that she must play with her for some

Days. When she was there that was when her brother and one of his sisters left the house

To the field to do some trainings again. His father did not accompany them that day

After their training they decided to go to the river to see nature before returning home

They did not know that they were being trailed around by the enemies and when the

Enemies noticed that they have deviated from their normal course of going home,

They arrived and ignited war with them.


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