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He Escaped from the Hands of Slave Merchants #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication



His father was the most powerful warrior within 100 miles radius of his island.

Several other warriors have gathered against him, because they envied him, they

Want to pull him down, they want to overcome him, but all their efforts on him

Proved abortive. Then they started gathering to know the source of his power

But they could not decipher the source of his power, for whenever they heard that

Something is the source of his power they will do the thing, and were given

Antidote to the source of his power, after they use what they said is the antidote

They will discover that what they had used had no effect on his power and instead

Of him being pulled down, it is them who would be affected negatively by what

They have done. After trying all they could but with no solution, they decide that

They would punish his son instead, for if the father has the power to enter small gourd

They believed he cannot take his son into the gourd and neither would his son has a

Power like he does to enter the gourd himself. Therefore, they started laying siege for

His son, for they know if they can get his son, he would become paralyzed and would come

Begging them, he would dance to their tunes. The gods the man was worshiping day and

Night has informed him well before he was given such power that when the enemies

Cannot overtake him they will bounce on his children, and most especially the male child

That he will give birth to. Therefore, the gods told him that if he does not want to cry on

Any of his children he must ensure that immediately they were given birth to he starts

Fortifying them. he agrees to this as the gods gave him what he will be using to fortify

His children. His wife gave birth to seven children and one of them is male while the

Rest are females. However as he has been instructed, immediately his wife puts to bed

He will go to the child before anyone touches the child and would touch the child with

Tortoise shells that would have soaked in local concoction for nothing less than 30 days

Warsongs: Piercing Light (Mako Remix) | Music - League of Legends

After touching those children with this, he will then give them some portions of the

Concoction to drink. Thus, the people were unable to have control over his children

During their childhood days, and when those children are growing up, he starts telling

Them different things and taken them to his gods how they would be worshiping his

Gods so that they would continue to protect them, for now that they have come of age

They have to decide for themselves. That was the rule given him by the gods. His children

Too having known that their father has enemies cleaved unto his gods and were doing

What those gods were instructing them to do. The same applies to the youngest child which

Is the only male child among his children. However, at a juncture, the gods spoke with the

Man that his only son is the target of the enemies and they had left pursuing the female

Children, for what they were thinking before was that he would not give birth to a male

Child and now that he has given birth to a male child the focus has been on the male child

How they will render him impotent and get him killed is what is their hearts therefore,

He needs to take the child to a place where he has met with the gods and where they had

Made covenant with him. He agreed and he took the son to where the gods had made

Covenant with him and there the gods also had direct contact with the son. After they

Left the place the enemies attacks against the only son increased like floods of water.

Though he has been taught things about the gods, but he has little knowledge on how to

Use physical instruments like swords, shield, arrows and so on to fight the enemies.


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