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He Does Not Deserve This

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Talents of many a one have been killed and buried in our land, because they do not have wherewithal to showcase such to the world...


A Master would be

Embarking on a trip

That would take him

A while before he returns

So that the students

Under him would not

Be idle before he

Returns he decided to

Give them assignments which

He expects them to

Complete before he returns

From his trip

After given them the

Assignments, he embarked on

His trip outside the


The First servant, feared

His master and would

Not waste time to

Start undertaking the assignment

While the Second servant

Says, their master’s return

Would take a while

Because he has said

The trip would take

Him years before he

Can think of finishing

The task he was

Going for, and it

Is when he finishes

The task that he

Can think of returning

To the land. nonetheless

He does not want

Them idle, and wants

Them to finish the tasks

Assigned to them before

He returns from his

Trip. The second after

Examining the given assignment

Critically said it is

Very easy, and he

Would rest a while

Play with people before

Starting the work, for

He knows he shall

Finish the work before

His master’s return

He says he is

Indebted to enjoyment, for

When their master was

Around he was unable

To enjoy and play

With others. Thus, the

Debts of those enjoyments

And plays, he wishes

To pay them back

Before starting the work

For when he starts,

He will not be able

To play neither enjoy

Again, till he finishes

The assignment. His partner

Could not go against

This, because, individuals differ

Each person knows his

Strength, but as for

Him he knows that

Starting early is a

Must for him if

He wishes to finish

The task to time


“I do not have the

Physical strength and expertise

Like that of my partner”

The First Servant said

If I look forward to

Finish this task before

Our master returns it

Is a must for me

To start this early.

Thus, he starts immediately

After he has known the

Work he is expected to do

He always remember what

Their master used to

Tell them, “do not

Imitate anyone, individuals differ” he used to say

This has proved to be

True now, as he

Knows he dare not

Imitate the Second Servant.

While the second servant

Was busy paying the

Debts of enjoyment around

The town, the First Servant

Has make remarkable progress

In his work. Whenever

The Second servant pays

Him a visit he would

Tell him that he

Will soon start his

Own portion and by

The time he starts within

Fractions of weeks he

Would be through with

What he has been

Assigned to do and would

Return to enjoyment arena

Till their master returns.

On this was he

As the First Servant was about to

Finish His task. He was

Unable to finish the task

Before he took ill and the

Sickness was protracted

Assuming he has not

Started his work before

He took ill, he

Started thinking on the sick bed

He would have been

Unable to start the

Work after all, not

Now that he has taken ill

He was happy with

Himself that he did

Not toe the path

Of his partner.

For it remains little

To finish, immediately he gets

Off the sick bed, he would

Go and complete the task, he reasoned.

His partner, the Second

Servant was yet to

Start the work, he

Was procrastinating the starting day

At some other times

He started saying that

Only if the First servant

Has been around he would

Have started for he

Would become a motivator

For his starting. Now

That he is not around


I seem not to have

The stimulus of starting

The work, he used to

Say, nonetheless I would start sometimes soon.

He could not start

The work until their

Master returns suddenly. Their

Master was able to

Finish his task early

Contrary to what he

Has thought would happen

Since he has nothing doing

He returned to his

Base. On getting back

The news of his

Return spread wide and far

For the man was a

Lively man, accommodating and

A man who is full of

Humanitarian services in the town

When he returned, he

Went to where to

See the work he

Has given his servants to do for him

On getting there he

Discovered that First Servant

Did some portion of

The work while the Second servant

Has not touched his.

The servants when they

Heard of their master’s

Return went to him

To welcome him home.

While welcoming him, he

Asked of the assignment

And First Servant says,

He has started but

He was unable to

Finish the task. When

He said he has not

Been able to finish

The task, their master

Was furious and started

To abuse him, talking

Harshly to him for

His nonchalant attitude to

The work, that has

Always been your style

I know you, you

Ain’t responsible, he started

Saying to him. As

He was saying this

His friend cautioned him,

Telling him that he

Shouldn’t be too harsh

On him, for at least

He started the work,

Assuming he did not

Start the work what

Would he have done?

Then paused he, he

Makes attempt at the

Work, what of the

Person who does nothing

What will he say

To the person, if

He says this to the

One who has made attempts at the work.

He thought within him

That his friend was

Right and the guy

Should have been appreciated

For they were given

The same portion of

Work to do, one

Starts and the other did not

The one who starts

Fears him, but the

One who fails to start

Thinks less of him, he reasoned.


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