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He Didn’t Feel Good

(also spelled as 'Abhishek Nayak') Writer, Blogger


He didn’t feel good when he saw that guy’s behavior.

He went ahead while thinking how can one behave so badly with someone,

One day, he had some work to finish,

But, he was having a hard time doing the same

He was thinking of ways to finish the work,

But, there was always something or someone who came in between.

So, he decided to take a break to calm his mind.

He had some food which made his mind calm,

And, started his thing again,

But with the restart of his thing, the calmness started getting away from him

while he was moving ahead.

His anger had taken the place of his calmness,

He felt like if he wouldn’t take out his anger from himself then,

it would put him down very hard.

So, he took out his anger and put it out around himself and,

That time he remembered something,

It was about the one who had behaved so badly with another one.

© 2022 Abhisek Nayak

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