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He Cannot Discard It

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The joy of the family

Knew no limitation when he

Told them that he would

Be traveling out of the country

For a twelve months update

Course in his discipline. The

Family was overwhelmed with joy

Because it’s a dream come true

When his father was working

With the government of the

Island he supposed to travel

For a course like that

But the powerful people at

That last moment substituted his

Name with their cronies. All

The appeal filed against this

Did not work. He eventually

Let the sleeping dog lie,

Hoping for another chance or

When his wife would travel for

Something akin to that. But

Quite disturbing that he did

Not have another chance of

Such neither did his wife

Had an opportunity like that

In her office until they

Both retired from government work

Now that this chapter has

Been opened unto their son

They cannot but be happy

That God fulfills the dream

In the life of their first child

Preparation for the trip was

Completed and he took off

To the country. When he

Got to his apartment

He called his parents and

They were elated showering prayers

On him that God would

See him through his course.

His siblings asked that he

Bring home to them iPhones

Laptops and other latest things

In world of technology

He has been eating different

Cuisine since he got to the

Country, but one day, he

Desires for cuisine of

His land and culture

Such was not available where

He lodged at, but he

Was directed by friends to

A place where he could get what he wants

On the fifth day he

Eventually made it to the

Spot where the cuisine of

His land was being sold

On getting there he saw

People of his continent and

Believed the restaurant would

Be offering the best of their cuisine

People from his area would

Not be patronizing the place

As he was seeing them

If the foods there are not superb

He ordered for his preferred

Choice. Before it was served him

His mouth like Pavlov’s dog

Has been watering for the food

When he takes a bite

Of the food, he discovered

That the food did not

Taste to his standard.

He was saddened to note

This, but he could not

Discard the food because he

Has run out of money

He managed to eat the

Food and leave for his

Place. There he phoned his

People and narrate his experience to them

He was thirsty for something

From his area, and he asked

His parent to package granulated

Things to him through courier

His parent yielded and this

Was sent to him. With that

He was reliving the taste

Of the home-made dishes.

Anytime that he has appetite

For local dishes he goes

For that package with him

Till he completed his course there.

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